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What I’m Wearing: Part 2

Here's a round-up of my own picks for the upcoming months. From my birthday to a destination wedding to fashion week, our new arrivals have it all covered. -- Jenn   My 30th birthday If I make it to physique enough before then....   Julia's wedding The country chic wedding of my gorgeous NYC-born and bred friend.   Fashion Week I want to get photographed this year attending one of the shows. Why not make a statement?! Read More

What I’m Wearing: Part 1

My upcoming dance card is booked solid with events ranging from destination weddings (hello Minnesota!) to 30th birthday parties to fall fashion week. With new arrivals rolling in, here’s what I have my eyes on for each. Whatever’s in your datebook, make sure you reserve in advance now or you might miss your chance… -- Lara   Minnesota Wedding My boyfriend's yet to fill me in on the dress code (what else is new), but one of these will do the trick.   30th Birthday Party Approximately 50% of my friends seem to be celebrating this in the next 3 months so I'm glad I already know what I'll be wearing to one of them.   Fashion Week I adore the entire fall collection from Proenza, but this dress is perfect for mixing business and mingling.   Stay tuned for Jenn's picks tomorrow! Read More

Summer Social Calendar

We like to think of Rent the Runway as the go to destination for any occasion, whether it’s a black tie gala or a Friday night. So today we wanted to highlight some great dresses for the events filling up your summer social calendar. Check out our picks below and tell us if there’s anything else on your schedule this season that we can help you dress for.  -- Lara     P.S. Don't forget, our stylists are always on-hand to give you personal recommendations as well... Read More

Celebrity Chic: Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa is one of those celebrities that seems kinda normal despite the fact that she’s ridiculously gorgeous, fitter than fit, and has a beautiful, seemingly perfect family. She dresses cute, always smiles, and we’ve never heard a bad thing about her. So we were happy to see her looking like her usual tanned, fit, and friendly, smiling self in Rent the Runway’s Boho Mary Kate Dress. She looks great and is the perfect model for this easy summertime style that works for day or night. -- Lara       Read More
  1 Coffee Dannon Yogurt The longest term relationship of Jenn’s life that she can’t believe she hasn’t put on this list yet... She’s been eating Coffee Dannon Yogurt consistently 4-5 mornings per week since the 5th grade. The extra dose of caffeine is a great substitute for a morning Starbucks AND can morph into dessert when you freeze it.   2 Gorgeous Gowns from Doo.Ri New collections are starting to trickle in, and these long looks in luscious hues are top of mind for some upcoming black tie events.     3 The Hills A few years ago, most of us were obsessed with LC, Lo, Audrina, and of course, Justin Bobby. Though we may not be perched in front of the TV every week anymore, we’re a little nostalgic as the series comes to an end tomorrow night.   4 Cashew Nut Milk The end of the day drink on the Blueprint Cleanse... chewing is so overrated!   5 Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work Derek’s a big fan of her witty inappropriate humor.   6 Bethenny Getting Married Seriously awesome summer television.   7 Summer Songs Dynamite by Taio Cruz has just stolen the top spot away from Katy Perry’s California Girls on Lara’s summer playlist. What’s your favorite song of the summer?   8 Previews for the next season of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo Ah-ma-zing. Our DVRs are set for August 3rd   9 Graeter's Ice Cream Oh. My. God. If you’ve never tried it, it is literally the BEST ice cream anywhere. Graeter’s is based in Cincinatti, and we wish we hadn’t been told that you could order online and ship anywhere. Trouble…but you need to try the Mocha Chocolate Chip.   10 Physique 57 A few of us are on a major health kick and we’re hooked on this core focused class. At least when you’re sore the whole week you know it’s working… Read More
Brought to Rent the Runway by Christian Oth   It’s week two of my photo tip series, Booking Your Wedding Photographer: Tips Series by Christian Oth. I launched the tip series with a strong focus on a photographer’s versatility and this week will focus on your photographer’s strength.  Following these tips will get you one step closer to getting great photographs that you’ll be able to cherish for years to come.     Week 2: Photographer’s Strength   What genre are they strongest in?  Take a look at your photographer’s background.  Do they specialize in fashion, editorial portraits, still-lifes, fine art or photojournalism?  Every photographer has special strengths in certain genres, but for weddings they must be able to take great photographs in all other genres as well.  Personally, I feel that it is good for a wedding photographer to have a strong background in photojournalism, because they are accustomed to capturing natural moments in an instant as they occur, rather than waiting to create posed, manufactured moments.       Can they take creative portraits?  A talented photographer should be able to take beautiful creative portraits not only of the bride and groom, but of the family and wedding party as well.  Formal portraits are often the most overlooked, but they are essential to every wedding.  Instead of a boring line-up, look for creative group and couple shots that have the feel of a fashion magazine spread.        To see Christian’s work, book him for your wedding and learn more about him, visit To view the tips from the past, click here!     Read More

Just Added: Hanii Y!

 This beautiful collection of wearable modern dresses has just been added to the site - and these dresses are available now! Perfectly versatile for those summer days that turn into nights. Enjoy! -- Lara     Read More

Pack Your Bags!

Head out for a summer weekend with a perfect wardrobe - whether you're beach bound, city slick, or country couture. -- Lara          Read More

Concrete Jungle!

  Rising temperatures in NYC (and our office!) have it feeling less like a catwalk and more like a concrete jungle. Take back fashion with our exotic safari-inspired picks and let RTR help you flaunt your inner animal even in the heat… -Lara     See more images here.   Read More
      What inspired your Fall 2010 collection? For Fall 2010 I wanted to focus on tailoring and draping. I love the combination of the two and I wanted to explore how they could exist together. I have a natural tendency toward draping so adding a more rigid construction allows me to see softer shapes from a different angle.   How did you go about designing the prints in this collection? There were also two types of prints to help with the marriage of tailoring and draping. A softer, more painterly print and a geometric, linear print. The softer prints started off as watercolors, which were then developed digitally, and the geometric print was inspired by a glass mosaics. This season we wanted the prints to be more about representing surface textures.     Which part of the design process do you like the best? The part I like the most is the beginning of the collection. The start of the collection is when it is just about developing ideas. I love researching different artists, draping new shapes, sketching anything that comes to mind, or re-developing an idea that never had the time to be completed. The beginning of the collection is a series of endless possibilities, which is why it is the process I enjoy the most.     How is the Doo.Ri brand growing in 2010? We continue to grow our secondary line and hope to add accessories to the mix.   If you could sit front row at a fashion show for any designer in history, who would it be and why? It would be the first collection either Yohji or Comme Des Garcons debuted in Paris. These two designers were and still are some of my favorites. When I was a student I loved their complete aesthetic - the color black and the exaggerated proportions. It was a strange type of beauty that I instantly fell in love with. I still consider myself a student of Fashion and still respect and admire the two designers, yet why I admire them now is for their amazing pattern work. As a designer who always began by draping I am amazed that all of their work is flat patterned.     How do you celebrate finishing a collection? We normally do an after show dinner with staff. There are so many people involved in making a collection come together and the process can be intense and stressful- especially on very little sleep. Having an after party dinner is a way to thank everyone who has worked so hard as well as blow off steam- but also to celebrate no more working weekends and sleepless nights!   If a girl was going to purchase her first Doo.Ri piece, what would you want it to be? A signature draped Jersey dress. Read More