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Blaire Rabenhorst

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  What inspired your Fall 2010 collection? Fall 2010 was inspired by the dynamic sport of motorcross and an American classic – Hells Angels, drawing in energy and graphic elements juxtaposed with intricate draping and detailed tailoring.   Which part of the design process do you like the best? While I do love sketching and coming up with new silhouettes, there is nothing like seeing the looks come together to form a complete collection and have them walk down the runway.  It is months of hard work and to see the vision come to life is incredible.     Where do you see the Prabal Gurung brand in ten years? In ten years I hope to continue developing a lifestyle brand that offers all kinds of product categories from accessories to interior.  I hope that the opportunities are endless as my brand continues to evolve.   If you could sit front row at a fashion show for any designer in history, who would it be and why? Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. I would say that’s self-explanatory.   How do you celebrate finishing a collection? Each season I go with my team, supporters and dearest family and friends to a great dinner to celebrate and re-hash.   If a girl was going to purchase her first Prabal Gurung piece, what would you want it to be? That is almost like asking if I have a favorite finger.  I love them all the same but each for a different reason.  Ultimately I want my consumers to buy the silhouette they look and feel the most comfortable in.      Which fabrics are your favorite to work with? I love experimenting with new fabrics and fabric combinations but I would have to say my favorites are the rich, silk gazars and duchess satins that I learned to love from my days at Blass.   Read More

10 Things We Love This Week

  1 GTL Jersey Shore is back and while we aren’t finding a lot of fashion inspiration, we are finding some much needed delicious drama.       2 New Prabal Gurung So pretty. Reserve now because these perfect cocktail dresses are surely on every girl’s wishlist.   3 Twenty-Four Hour Gyms Who knew? After a late night at the office, several of us indulged our inner fitness freaks with a late night workout. We did find it a little strange that the guard at NYSC Sheridan Square didn’t blink an eye when we walked in at 1am…   4 Mark Ruffalo in The Kids Are All Right Yum!   5 Bachelorette Season Finale More to come on that later…   6 Pop-bar Who needs sorbet with a spoon? Ashleyn hearts this place.   7 Magnetic Paint You paint it on, and things stick! It's magic!!!   8 Zoku Quick Pop Maker Speaking of pops, this thing looks amazing!   9 Project Runway Even though we still miss Bravo. Who’s your favorite?   10 And We Cannot Lie... Between the triumphant return of the Kardashians and Nike's latest ad campaign, the RTR office is loving big bedonks this week. If you've got it, flaunt it in one of our new Herve's… Read More