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Stylish new looks your friends will love! Brought to Rent the Runway by Heather Levine for   Subtle Sparkle It's no wonder bold embellishments popped up all over the bridal runways. From scattered sequins to jeweled belts, a touch of shimmer can transform a simple bridesmaid dress into something ultra-glamorous.     Pencil Skirts Your search for a sophisticated bridesmaid style ends here! Pencil skirts are the ultimate option: They’re chic and sexy at once.     Goddess Gowns You can’t go wrong with an elegant Grecian-style gown -- wispy, floor-sweeping fabric will make all of your bridesmaids feel tall and regal.     Jewel Tones What’s hot now? Color! Take your pick -- shades like royal purple, emerald green and sapphire blue are all aisle-worthy. Plus, they look good on just about every skin tone.     ’50s Style The freshest look in fashion is retro flair. Think: full skirts and cinched waistlines. The best part? Your bridesmaids will love the way these A-line silhouettes flatter every figure.   © 2011 The Knot, Inc. All rights reserved.   More from 200+ new wedding dresses, best bridesmaid gifts under $25, our favorite wedding cakes, 100+ hot wedding hairstyles and more! Read More

Golden Globes 2011 Style Recap

As we assume you know if you read RTR Insider, the first major red carpet event of the year went down last night. There was a lot we loved (Claire Danes, Emma Stone, Hailee Steinfeld), some we didn’t (Megan Fox, Scarjo, J.Lo), and plenty to talk about (hello there Helena Bonham Carter). Here's just some of our favorites themes from the red carpet. What was your favorite look? – Lara   Shock of Color Between the commercials and these two dresses, Calvin Klein was the silent star of the evening. It’s rare that our two faves are by the same (RTR!) designer, but these dresses truly are gorgeous and at the same time the girl in them remains the star. (To browse all our Calvin Klein, click here.)     Red Hot There were plenty of celebs with a lot of sparkle and a lack of color. But then there was Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang. It wasn’t our favorite of the night, but if we looked like her we’d wear red every day too. Good choice!   Gone Green Mila Kunis (in Vera Wang) and Catherine Zeta Jones (in Monique Lhuillier)  both wore what became the color of the night once Angelina showed up in it too. We preferred their unsparkly takes, but we're just excited to see such a gorgeous color to see on the red carpet at all.   Other looks we loved? Hailee Steinfeld in Prabal Gurung (wonderful!) Leighton Meister in Burberry, Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive, and Jennifer Lawrence in Louis Vuitton.     Read More
Brought to Rent the Runway by Argyle Salon’s Alec Kara   We know that for your big day every last detail down to the hairs on your head are of the utmost importance.  Here, we give you inspiration from the stars with the top 5 celebrity wedding hair do’s brought to you by celebrity hairstylist Alec Kara of the Argyle Salon & Spa in West Hollywood, California.     1. Topknot Nicole Richie's nuptials to Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden were everything she had ever dreamed of. The most spectacular of all was Nicole herself in one of the three Marchesa gowns she donned that night with hair tied into a perfect topknot.  It is best to keep the hair simple when the dress is so detailed and she achieves this beautifully.  It’s also a nod to the 60’s retro chic in a very modern way.     2. Side Swept De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres wed in a small, private ceremony nearly three years ago.  Both women were glowing on their big day, but it was de Rossi’s up do that caught our eye.  Her hair is so elegantly swept off her face and plays off of the low, plunging neckline of her dress to elongate her figure. Hair accessories are especially fun to play around with if the dress is simple. It adds fun and glamour to any style.     3. Loose Up Do Songstress Katharine McPhee married producer Nick Cokas in a traditional ceremony at the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church in 2008.  McPhee looked stunning in a Spanish Chantilly lace strapless gown with hair loosely pulled to the side, revealing spectacular chandelier earrings.  If you are having a more traditional wedding, this hairstyle offsets that and makes it feel more low-key and playful.     4. Bouffant Up Do Gwen Stefani is the ultimate rocker chick and wed fellow musician Gavin Rossdale in 2002. The bouffant up do is so Gwen and plays off her avant-garde pink and white John Galliano dress; it’s really important that your wedding look reflects your personal style because it is a moment that you will remember forever.     5. Pin Curl Up Do Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelley held their winter wonderland nuptials in Utah. Her pin curl up do is reminiscent of an old Hollywood starlet and we love how she takes the retro style one step further with a bird cage veil.  It’s quirky yet classic.   To book your appointment with Argyle Salon & Spa call 310-623-9000 and to learn more about their services, please visit     Read More

Mexicue: Delightful Bites

Brought to Rent the Runway by Mexicue’s Julia Collins   You can typically go without the hors d'oeuvres at a wedding. Let’s face it- it’s usually the least exciting part of the food you’ll enjoy. Mexicue has decided that this should no longer be the case and our RTR bride, Brooke, jumped right on the wagon for her wedding. Read about her experience here and take a look at Mexicue's take on wedding hors d'oeuvres.     Perhaps you are not a canapé type of couple. Perhaps you don’t believe in wrapping everything in puffed pastry.  Bacon, maybe. Great food does not have to be fussy. While hors d'oeuvres should be pleasing to the eye, they should also delight the palate.  Frilly, faddish, dry and over-worked, so many classic wedding hors d'oeuvres exist only for lack of imagination.     Home-style food that features seasonal ingredients allows you to create a casually elegant vibe.  Imagine how your guests will thank you for forgoing the stale classics in favor of crispy short-rib tacos, with cilantro lime crema and napa cabbage slaw. Or lobster rolls with spiced-habanero aioli, snipped chives and pickled jalapeño?  Go ahead and have fun with your food - let your taste buds and imagination be your guide.     To have Mexicue design a special midnight snack for your wedding, please call 646-543-MEX or send them a message at  Check out their menu here!     Read More
This content is brought to Rent the Runway by Kristin Reimer of Photomuse   You've gone all out to look beautiful today. Your hair and makeup came out exactly how you wanted it to, your shoes rock and your gown is simply stunning. You look in the mirror and you are happy and you are ready to face the world. Then the moment arrives when you are posing for the photographer and suddenly, if you are like most people (myself included) you have flashbacks of photographs from your past and no matter how good you felt looking in the mirror, you suddenly find yourself feeling nervous and apprehensive about how you will look in the camera. Your smile starts to feel a little forced and you find yourself losing some of your mojo.     In most cases, your photographer should be able to talk you through some posing tips, but there will many times during the wedding day that you are on your own. There are some fairly basic tips on posing that I can share with you to get the most out of your wedding day photos.   1.  DON'T ever stand straight on towards the camera. ALWAYS turn your body so that you have a 45 degree angle to the camera. With this stance, now turn your torso towards the camera, along with your head. Place your weight on the back leg. Let the front foot turn outwards slightly away from your body. Don’t ever point your toes inward! There are two variations for your leg positions:   If you want a more classic and demure look, bring the front leg out to your side and then softly slide it back until your knees are touching, keeping that front leg just slightly bent, with your toe resting slightly on the ground. This creates a beautiful frame for the rest of your body.   If you are going for a more sassy or "cool" pose, take a slightly wider stance (again, the weight is on the back leg) and point your front toes away from your body.        2. DON'T slouch. Remember your posture. Take a deep breath, stand tall and then exhale and relax your shoulders. The inhalation lifts the body, the exhalation relaxes your stance, and the breathing in general will help you focus and feel calm.   3. Lower your chin SLIGHTLY so that the focus goes to your eyes and not your chin. This also helps to keep your eyes look more alert and open.       4. Keep a small amount of space between your arms and your body. This keeps your arms from being pressed against your body and thereby looking fuller, and it shows your curves.      5. Relax the hands. A tendency is to clench the hands when a person is nervous.   6. Bouquets: always hold your bouquet slightly lower than your waist. Too often I see women holding the bouquets at waist or chest level. This hides your beautiful dress and hides your curves!     The most important part above all else is to relax and enjoy the moment. Look at photographs of yourself and see what your body positions were in the images that you liked the most. Practice in the mirror. Above all else, just be yourself and have fun!   If you’d like to learn more about Photomuse or book them for your wedding, click here!   Read More
This content is brought to Rent the Runway by Emily Post   Marriages not only mark the uniting of a couple—they also involve the merging of two families. Certain family members may be given specific roles within the wedding, but it's fine to assign roles—or not—to best fit your particular family. The authority on etiquette shares a breakdown of family members’ traditional roles and responsibilities.     Mother of the Bride The mother of the bride may help her daughter in many different aspects of planning, such as scouting out venues, managing the guest list, and finding the perfect dress. She traditionally has the honor of choosing her outfit before the groom's mother. The mother of the bride attends the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner and typically heads up the receiving line at the reception.   Father of the Bride The bride's father may co-host an engagement party with his wife. They have the first pick on the date, if the groom's parents also want to hold their own party. The father of the bride is traditionally the one to escort her down the aisle (although this is not always the case). He may also give a special speech during the reception and have a dance with his daughter.   Mother of the Groom Generally, the mother of the groom should defer to the mother of the bride. That said, she may offer to help with different aspects of the wedding preparations. The mother of the groom may wish to initiate get-togethers with the bride and her family prior to the wedding. She should consult with the mother of the bride before planning her outfit. The mother of the groom should attend the bridal shower, if possible, and any other pre-wedding parties. With her husband, she is the traditional co-host of the rehearsal dinner. At the reception, she stands in the receiving line and may dance with her son.   Father of the Groom The father of the groom traditionally hosts the rehearsal dinner with his wife. As host of the event, he kicks off any toasts given that evening. He may also give a speech at the reception and stand in the receiving line.   For the full list including the grandparents, siblings, children’s roles and more, click here.       The Emily Post Institute promotes etiquette in America and around the world.  Acting as a social civility barometer, EPI elucidates new manners for today's world based on core values of honesty, respect, and consideration. To read more, click here!           Read More
We predicted the red carpet trends for this year’s VH1 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards and last night we saw some of those predictions come true! Here is trend recap of the VH1 CCMA’s. Who do you think had the best look? Share with us in the comments!   Naughty But Nice Seductive and feminine, this year’s naughty but nice looks we pulled off by Mila Kunis in Nina Ricci and Kim Kardashian in Vera Wang. Who was naughty and who was nice?       Half and Half Natalie Portman was the only starlet who pulled off this trend with her black and white bump friendly dress, but Khloe Kardashian wore a Blumarine number that was half short and half long. Were their looks hit or miss?       Sultry Sequins Jennifer Lawrence and a blonde Emma Stone took on the sequins! Who do you think took the Sultry prize home?       Read More
Brought to Rent the Runway by Ruth Drennan of   Most people don’t think about the cake when planning their dream wedding. The dress, of course! The location, sure! But when it comes to the cake, most brides have no idea that there are so many options available to them. As a result they often play it safe and go for a simple white cake. I mean, who even remembers the cake?!   The truth is you don’t have to limit your options- your cake can be just as much a reflection of your personal style as every other element of your wedding. In fact, it can be a key element in tying it all together and just as memorable as all the other details.   As a baker who has made her share of wedding cakes, these are my best tips for personalizing your wedding cake:   1. Color  -“Pink is my signature color.” One of my fave quotes. Who says wedding cake has to be white? If you are making everything green and pink, put some on your cake.     2. Theme –Whether you’re getting married at the beach, a vineyard, or an upscale hotel, many people have a theme that they use on the invitations and in the décor. Your cake can be a continuation of that theme with sugar seashells, butterflies or grapes on vines.     3. Flowers –I’m a bit biased toward this one since it’s my specialty, but decorating your cake with flowers, whether they are real or handcrafted from sugar, is a beautiful and elegant way to decorate the cake and add a touch of personality.   4. Style –Or should I say formal or informal? What kind of vibe do you want your wedding to have? Is it black tie in a grand ballroom or Hamptons chic? A towering creation would look as out of place at a backyard barbeque as a stack of cupcakes would look at the Waldorf.  Think about your venue and the overall feeling you want to convey.     And hey, if none of those ideas float your boat, go your own way! No one says you have to have the same ol’ white cake at your wedding or even have a cake!  It is your day. If you want your cake to be a stack of shoe boxes protected by a dragon, then go for it!   To see Ruth’s work, book her for your wedding and learn more about her, visit     Read More

Today is National Hat Day!

In celebration of National Hat Day, we’ve selected our favorite celebs wearing hats by legendary hat designer, Philip Treacy. Treacy has outfitted some of the biggest celebs in the fashion world and has collaborated with Moet, Project Runway and Mercedes Benz. His designs are so avant-garde, Lady Gaga submitted her resume to Treacy for an internship position! Here are the hats that we want to wear today. Which hat is your favorite (or least favorite)?   Sarah Jessica Parker London Premier of Sex and the City     Isabella Blow on the cover of her biography, Blow     Lady Gaga at last year’s Grammys     Read More
This week’s fashion news was all about the new campaigns. Calvin Klein is trying a new strategy while images of Missoni and Badgley Mischka’s new campaigns are out! Which ads are you most excited about?   Meester for Missoni Leighton Meester has been chosen for Missoni’s new Spring campaign! The It Girl was shot on a rocking horse for the campaign and it’s already out in Vogue Italia. What do you think ? []     Calvin Klein Goes For TV The international fashion house is turning to TV commercials for Calvin Klein Collection. The first commercial will air during the pre-Golden Globes red carpet and later on Anderson Cooper 360, the NFL playoffs, Access Hollywood and more! Another reason to watch the Golden Globes red carpet - okay by us! [WWD]     Badgley Mischka’s Front Runner The new Badgley Mischka ads are out and the lucky lady for this campaign is Rumer Willis. Here is a sneak peek of the campaign with swimwear to come. What do you think of Badgley’s choice? [The Cut]       Read More