Archive: March 2011

Style Me: Cover Ready

There is still a little thrill of getting your magazine in the mail even though you’ve heard most of the news in blogs, through friends or some other type of medium. Read More

Happy Pi Day!

Today you have a reason to eat all the pie you want in celebration of Pi Day- 3.14! Read More
Meet our stylist, Jocelyn! Read More

Meet our Stylists: Erica

Meet our stylist, Erica! Read More
Meet our stylist, Emily R! Read More
Designers are branching out and expanding into new markets. Read More
Once our prom look book was on the site, we’ve had multiple “what if” conversations. Read More

Thursday Obsession 3/10/2011

After seeing some amazing pieces at the Armory Show this past weekend (1 of the10 things we love this week!) we needed to get our art fix. Turns out we’ve got some talented artists at RTR! We’re obsessed with Jaime’s art- click here to see more!       Read More

Staff Picks: Vegas Weekend

Tomorrow I pack my bags and head to Sin city for the weekend. Read More

Best Bet: Spring Handbags

Light jackets, sunshine, open toed shoes... we can’t wait for Spring! On that note, we also can’t wait to get our fingers on one of the latest Spring handbags. These are our best bets on which bags we think are perfect for the season- from chain accents and oversized clutches to white staples and zesty colors. Which one do you covet? Share with us in the comments!               Read More