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I hope that this holiday, you’re reading a book by the fire with your dog curled up at your feet, surrounded by shreds of wrapping paper and bows… I hope you haven’t thought about work in days and I hope your iPhone and laptop are dusty, because of all days – the holidays should be about unplugging and enjoying some down time with family and friends. I also hope that RIGHT before you unplug from the internet for the holly-days, you read this post, because here are a few things that will make it a little bit cozier! Read More
I’ve been in such a daze with the perfect Indian Summer days, rustling yellow leaves, football and the smell of bonfires lately that I almost forgot that Thanksgiving is (gulp) in two weeks! Which means the Holly-days are about to be in full force, and we’ll all be heading off to see family & friends for Thanksgiving before we know it. Or, if you’re like me, cooking for them! So to get you kick started, here are 5 ideas for how to set the stage on Turkey Day, what to wear, and how to be a gracious host (and guest). Read More
Well wouldn’t you know, just as I started to embrace Fall, temps are now soaring across the US. Instead of cozy flannels, the first frost, and apple cider, people are wearing short sleeves, dining al fresco and Instagramming selfies on their bikes, in the park, and at the beach. But I’m too far gone; I’m in Fall mode. Which means I’m craving everything Autumn, including the below delicious seasonal-inspired dishes. All are easy to make – and perfect for eating when the air finally starts to have a real chill in it. Read More
The great thing about smaller spaces is this: in addition to fewer hours scrubbing floors and having a little extra coin in your pocket to spend at your leisure, what I love about living in a smaller space is that it forces you to hone in on ONLY using the things you really, truly love. Quality > Quantity. So if you’re in a small space now, dreading downsizing, or just need to figure out how to make the most of what you do have, here are 10 ideas that might help you: Read More
Last week New York Fashion Week came rolling into NYC like a freight train, bringing all the gorgeous new looks one could shake a stick at. And though I was giddily oohing and aahing over the insanely cool fashions, I was also making sure to check out the different tunes the designers had at each of their shows. Read More
These crowd-pleasers are just as light & healthy as they are delicious, so before Summer’s over, let’s take a few of ‘em for a spin, shall we? Read More
Step away from the computer, away from Pinterest, away from cyber stalking on Facebook, and instead...feast your senses on all of the CRAZY good books that’ve come out this summer. Karrie of Covet Living gives you the run-down on this summer's best reads. Read More
When you've already got a few sets of cups in the cupboard and most of the housewares you need, what do you register for? Stephanie of Covet Living's answer: Pipe dream statement pieces you want that add a little glamour and a lot of personality to your home. Read More. Read More
You know what’s just as delicious as a glamorous summer vacation, but doesn’t have the big price tag?? An easy-breezy summer Stay-cation. The girls behind Covet Living show us how. Read More