Booking Beauty Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you’re an admitted beauty fiend or a clear-polish-only die hard, it would be hard to deny that the beauty booking ways of the past have long needed a serious makeover. Luckily for all of us appointment seekers out there, it’s easier than ever to book beauty services online and via smartphones.

Image via Fashion Magazine

Here’s a list of apps and sites to keep at the ready when you’re seeking help from hair, skin and nail pros at home or on the road:



Style Seat offers access to all kinds of beauty professionals, with specialties ranging from vintage-inspired makeup to basic mani-pedis. You’ll even find stylists in smaller towns and off-the-beaten path locations, making this a great resource when you exit the plane for with a do that’s as flat as your iPad. Even better, it’s common for the pros using the platform to offer exclusive discounts and offers to first-time clients, so it’s a good place to look for deals!



Available to web, iPhone and Android users, this online booking engine’s upside lies in its breadth and variety of services: you can search for basics such as haircuts and waxing, but you’ll also find fields to search for acupuncture, eyelash extensions and even pet grooming (because beauty is not just for people, people). What’s more, you can search for beauty booking services in four countries: U.S., UK, Canada and Australia.



For beauty in NYC, hop online to peruse the options available through BeautyBooked or get-to-appointment-making on your iPhone with the Beautified app. Both are solid options for last-minute appointments at New York salons and day spas. While BeautyBooked allows you to book appointments days or weeks in advance, Beautified’s sweet spot is catering to those in need of same-day services. For hair help on your next out-of-town special occasion in a major metropolitan area, you’ll want to check the locations lists for The Dry Bar and Blo Dry Blowdry Bar. The former has a handy iPhone app, while the latter offers service in Canada, Russia and the Philippines, along with their roster of U.S. spots. Both offer online booking and will get you in, coiffed and out the door in a reasonable amount of time.



While most beauty booking services focus on hair, skin and makeup, nail nerds headed to the Bay Area can rejoice. The next time you’re in San Francisco seeking standout nail art, check out, whose nail artists turn out the kinds of designs you usually only see on Instagram. Choose from existing examples or request custom work, book online and pay for the service and tip via the web site. Nail artists will either come to you or meet you where they regularly take clients, and prices are reasonable, from $25 for a basic moon mani to $60 for Whitney Gibson’s one-hour Lollipop Nail design.

 - Lorraine Sanders