Fast Fixes For Every Beauty Mishap

It’s happened to the best of us—you’re about to walk out the door and suddenly your makeup is a mess, nails have a smudge or legs are far from flawless. Here’s how to turn the most common beauty mistakes into no big deal…
Photo credit: MochiMag
Beauty Mishap #1:
Racoon-like eye smudges

Fast Fix:
Sure, you want to start from scratch but, the truth is, it’s not all your makeup that’s messed up. “Instead of wiping off your entire eye makeup or face makeup, too, embrace the smudge and use it to create a soft smoky eye,” says Kristan Serafino, a hairstylist in NYC and creator of Take a small eye shadow brush or Q-Tip and lightly buff out the smudge to make it more even, then use a light dab of a liquid concealer (like one with a wand or that is easily blendable) to lightly touch up an surrounding darkness on skin. Try Benefit FakeUp Hydrating Crease-Control Concealer, $24
Photo credit: Benefit
Beauty Mishap #2:
Out-of-nowhere blemish

Fast Fix:
Yes, you want to cover that thing up and tone down the redness stat but piling on tons of makeup can end up simply drawing more attention to a pimple (think about it: it’s raised, so lots of makeup can add to it’s height). “Gently dab a treatment that has either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to decrease inflammation and help heal it,” says Serafino. Then, use a foundation or concealer that is also laced with a blemish-fighter to cover and zap simultaneously. Next, take your finger, to dab it on; skip a sponge, which ends up soaking up more makeup then it sets on skin. Try Neutrogena Skin Clearing Liquid Foundation, $11.99
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Photo credit: Neutrogena
Beauty Mishap #3:
No time for a blowout

Fast Fix:
OK, sure you know how to dry your own hair but truth is, you need to put in the time and the arm power to truly get all moisture out of strands and get them into the shape you want to look polished. “Only focus on smoothing out the back section of hair and then wear a chic headband or scarf to go over the top layer of hair and your hair line,” says Serafino, who suggests stretching it out slightly before hand if it’s too tight, then leaving hair down or tie into a low, loose bun. Try Anthropologie Sibyl Turban Headband, $28
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Photo credit: Anthropologie
Beauty Mishap #4:
Imperfect bare legs

Fast Fix:
May be you thought it was going to be cold and tights were in order, then suddenly it’s 80 and sunny. Or sometimes a dress just looks better with nada. No matter what your skin tone, anything from a bruise, a few tiny veins or an overall pasty or sallowness can make legs look less than amazing. If you have to be ready in five, grab an insta-bronzer, spray on skin, then rub in like a body moisturizer (just be sure to let it dry and wash hands after so you don’t transfer any color onto your dress!). For a more permanent fix, use a self tanning spray. For both, make sure skin is exfoliated and smooth and use small, circular motions (not up and down) with a mitt or buffing pad to avoid streaks. Try Lorac Tantalizer Body Bronzing Spray, $32 or Brownberry Clear Sunless Tanning Spray, $45
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Beauty Mishap #4:
A chipped (or smudged) mani

Fast Fix:
It’s most likely that one will notice it but you, but when you put so much time into looking amazing head-to-toe, that tiny flaw just isn’t going to fly. If the mishap is a tiny sliver and you have the same color at home, adding a touch on your nail is an easy solution. But often, the shade is at the nail salon, not your bathroom. This is when super chunky glitter saves the day. Not only does the thick texture dry super fast (there are fewer solvents and more particles than standard polish), you can add them to one nail as an accent and hide the chip or smudge, or do the tips of every one for a more uniform look. Try Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy, $8.99
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Photo credit: Revlon