Designer Spotlight: Vince Camuto

If you’ve visited any of our stores recently, you’ve noticed you have some pretty fabulous heels to try on to accent our dresses. We sat down with the man behind the shoes, Vince Camuto, to chat about what inspires him everyday and the details around his newest collection.

Did you always know you wanted to be a designer, and specifically a shoe designer?
I have always loved shoes but I didn’t always know that I wanted to design shoes, let alone a lifestyle brand. My first job was in customer service at I.Miller in Manhattan, a high-end footwear and accessories boutique. I was immediately drawn to a woman’s experience with shoes and how they can make her feel special. It was a great job for me because it gave me experience with the customers and product and I spent time listening to what the customers wanted. I paid attention and learned a lot. From there, my passion for footwear design and quality quickly developed and I made it my mission to bring trend-right, affordable collections to the consumers.
From I.Miller I was offered a series of different opportunities in designing, merchandising, producing, selling, which later led to the creation of Nine West. Years later, the sum of those experiences has enabled me the infrastructure and the resources to create the Vince Camuto lifestyle brand, as well as VC Signature, our higher end collection, Vince Camuto Men’s and Two By Vince Camuto.
What is the inspiration behind this VC Signature Vince Camuto collection?
VC Signature Vince Camuto is an aspirational, collection of modern luxury, shoes and handbags, created with a worldly aesthetic in mind, for the woman in-the-know. The design is sophisticated, the silhouettes are streamlined and the materials and hardware are exotic and elevated. VC Signature is for an ageless, educated, sexy career woman who is on the go and wants a collection she can rely on for day to night, week to weekend.
What advice have you taken with you from the beginning of your career?
I’ve always found that listening to the people around you is paramount. If you pay attention and listen to what people want, you will continue to learn as people and environments change.
What lessons have you taken and learned as you build your own company?
Over the years, in addition to making sure I’m spending time with customers, I make sure to spend as much time with the people that work across all of the departments of the company. We are very collaborative and the more you engage your teams, the more involved and excited they’ll be. Many of the people we work with have been with us for years and it’s because they love what they do.
If you weren’t Vince Camuto, shoe designer – who would you be?
If I wasn’t a shoe designer, I would be an architect. I’m actually self-taught in architecture. Structure and design go hand-in-and. I love traveling, looking at buildings, art and vintage pieces from all over the world and applying it to my work.
Who inspires you?
Louise Camuto, our Creative Director, and also my wife. She has incredible taste and a refined eye. She has a background in interior design and she’s very focused on all elements of branding. She inspires me each day, and together, we have been able to build brands and categories and we have a lot of fun.
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