From The Desk Of: Annie Georgia Greenberg

We got to sit down with Annie Georgia Greenberg, New York Editor at Refinery29, the world’s largest fashion website. Refinery29 prides itself on being innovative not only in their content, but in the way it’s delivered. At the heart of that innovation is Annie, who is in charge of all New York content.
Photo Credit: Bek Andersen
How did she get to that coveted desk you ask?
The path I took was paved with equal parts gut instinct, hard work, and manifestation.
What were the hardest but most rewarding decisions and risks you had to take?
Moving to Chicago for a few months to work for the Tribune comes to mind. As does leaving my job at Conde Nast to come to Refinery. Right out of college, I got a few jobs in industries that seemed tangential to what I really wanted to do. I guess you could call it a risk to turn them down (especially with nothing else set up at the time), but I knew it was ultimately the right choice.
What role has technology played in your career and life? How do you think it has helped you achieve your goals?
Being tech native in the fashion sphere has been a great asset in terms of creating the type of content Refinery29 creates. The company has really paved the way in many senses and it has helped me, sure, but mostly R29 in fostering an online community and culture that surrounds unique content for a wide variety of readers. It’s nice to be along for that ride.
Photo Credit: Bek Andersen
What lessons have you taken from both old and new media?
Old media taught me the importance of thoroughness and deadlines and new media taught me the importance of immediacy and readership. There’s no swifter lesson learned than one that’s delivered in the comment box!
You’ve seen huge transformations take place at R29 – how did you make your role your own and advocate for yourself?
I’ve seen Refinery29 grow from 6 people to 30 people to nearly 130 people, but even as my responsibilities have expanded, I’ve always felt my role to be the same. I’d like to think I’m there because of the energy I bring. Work hard, be good at what you do, and treat others kindly. That’s the best way to advocate for yourself.
Photo Credit: BFA NYC
What are your favorite parts of your job/life?
I’m super lucky to work in a creative environment and to witness and take part in the production of stories from scratch. I love seeing an idea through from concept to completion and improvising and collaborating along the way. It’s great to be able to road test new products, trends, and places in NYC. Lastly, too, I cherish the people I’m surrounded by in and outside the office.
Have you had any mentors who have helped you along the way? What is the best advice you’ve gotten?
My Dad taught me that ‘hard work feels good.’ Also, I really stick by an adage I heard once, that, ‘If you take it hard it will be hard, if you take it easy it will be easy.’