From The Desk Of: Joey Tierney

We sat down with American born fashion stylist Joey Tierney to chat about what it took for her to get to where she is today, among the WWD Beauty Biz’s “It List” and one of the “stylists celebrities have on speed dial”.
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What path did you take to get to where you are today?
The path of persistence. I took every job to learn and develop the creative aspect and also the business side of fashion.
What were the hardest but most rewarding decisions and risks had to take?
Taking an actual office – it’s a risk to have the overhead with styling being so inconsistent.
Being a stylist, and having your own business requires you to always be “on” – how do you best balance career and personal life?
Balancing a personal life as a stylist can be tricky . Business and personal can sometimes become blurry. I become very close to my clients – it’s a very personal business.
What tips and tricks have helped you achieve your goals?
I don’t believe in tricks – you are either completely dedicated or you are not. The best tip is to remember it’s a very small community and as stylists we are protective of our work. As you grow in this business, be honest about your work and if you are assisting don’t misrepresent yourself as the STYLIST!
What lessons have you taken and learned as you build your own company?
The biggest lesson is not to take ANYTHING personal. This business has big egos and a lot of angles. Always handle yourself with grace – this industry has the memory of an elephant when something goes awry.
What are your favorite parts of your job/life?
My favorite moments cannot really be specified. I love all of the highs and lows, all of the creative magic. It’s the madness that keeps me going! I often say the fashion business is the fountain of youth . We are artists constantly being challenged to be innovative with style lines and silhouettes and to keep trends fresh. Style is the insatiable cool factor of fashion.
Have you had any mentors who have helped you along the way?
One of my favorite quotes from Coco Chanel is “fashion is meaningless without style.”
What is the best (and worst) advice you’ve gotten?
Are there any current or future projects you are working on that you’d like to share?
I am currently working on a project called “The Muse Diaries”. I am inspired by strong, creative, and eccentric women. The diaries brings together a group of brilliant ladies from around the globe and shares moments from their lives.