From the desk of: TheSkimm

Co-founders of theSkimm Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin don’t work your typical 9-to-5…
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“We met in college while studying abroad in Italy. Surrounded by good food and even better outfits, our passion for news took a back seat in the conversation. However, we reconnected years later in our professional careers when we were both working full time in broadcast news.
We loved, loved our jobs. But we began to notice that our friends and family, some of the smartest people we know, would come to us with basic questions about what’s going on in the world. They were really busy, on the go people who would come to their two friends, whose job it was to be in the know, for a rundown. And that was how theSkimm was born.
theSkimm is the easiest way to stay in the know while on the go, in the form of a daily e-newsletter. We give you the news you need to know through fresh editorial content, as if it were coming from your friend on the couch next to you.
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We launched theSkimm about a year ago and ever since, our lives have been insane. As founders of a start-up, we do a ton of different jobs, all at the same time. Some days, we’re running from meeting to meeting with potential investors. Other days, we are talking to start-ups to see how we can work together. And sometimes we’re going from interviewing someone for a job to a photo shoot. In between, we are checking email, fielding calls and trying to not look exhausted. And then we actually write theSkimm.

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The one constant thing about our days is that they require a lot of different outfits. And have we told you we run a start-up? Yeah, not a lot of funds going to clothes at the moment. That’s why we rent like crazy. We’re constantly having to dress for different roles. And yes, we’re pretty sick of our own closets by now.
theSkimm girl is pretty much like everyone we all know — busy, trying to balance a lot in her life while looking very good and staying informed. We like anything that makes our lives easier and saves time. Rent the Runway does all of that and it’s easier to order than a latte. Greatly appreciated.

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