10 Things We Love: Holiday Edition

This week we decided to do a holiday-themed 10 Things We Love (or 16, rather) to share some of the favorite gifts we received this season! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and Happy New Year!



1. Becky received gloves from the North Face – that you can text in!

2. Nikki got tickets to see American Ballet Theater’s The Nutcracker at BAM Howard Gilman Opera House

3. Anushka got this Alexander McQueen scarf that sports his signature skulls.

4. Ashley got this gorgeous Tiffany ornament – a tradition each year in her family!

5. Jenn got this gorgeous David Yurman ring from her boyfriend Peter – he even knew that it was stackable!

6. Erica got a couple’s cooking class at The Brooklyn Kitchen – complete with wine pairings!

7. Sam got the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty book from the Met exhibit.

8. Jenny got pajamagrams for the whole family – including the soon-to-be newest addition, her baby girl!

9. Bill got a Kindle Fire, perfect for his morning commute to RTR.

10. Ashley got this beautiful calendar featuring hand-painted floral illustrations.

11. Blaire got this Soda Stream maker so she can make any beverage a little more bubbly!

12. Tiffany loves silly gifts, particularly this plush doll she received from her sister.

13. Camille’s mom made her a beautiful custom quilt from this book!

14. Katie got this festive wool Rag & Bone shift dress.

15. Brooke got this book, a great read for the holiday vacation.

16. Alissa got this adorable heart sweater from J.Crew.