Ask RTR: Can I Wear Neutral Colors to a Wedding?

Lauren asked, “Can I wear nude, beige or blush colors as a guest to a wedding? I really want to order the Nina Ricci Pink Clouds dress but not sure if it’s appropriate. Thoughts?”


Great question, Lauren! The first rule is to be respectful of the bride and her day in white.  Shades that are darker in nude and blush can be appropriate but err on the side of caution. The Pink Clouds dress is actually quite pink—so we vote yes for Nina Ricci! Try to pick an outfit with a pattern or edge factor so it’s not even in the same category as a wedding dress.  Neutral shades can also be offset with a pop of color to add trendiness and avoid stepping on any important toes! From L to R: Angel Sanchez, Pencey, Nina Ricci, Christian Siriano, Kenneth Jay Lane, DVF.