Beauty and the Beach

As you ladies may know, summer is here and ready to frizz up your gorgeous hair. So how do you deal with the humidity that threatens to ruin your appearance? Don’t fight it, simply work with it. Embrace soft waves this season and give your style a natural, Yeah-It’s-Not-Like-I-Spend-Thirty-Minutes-On-My-Hair-Every-Morning look. Meet your new best friend for summer: Blowpro’s beach blow texturizing mist. This lightweight mist creates sexy, tousled hair with just a few sprays. No stiffness or stickiness here! Simply towel dry your hair after showering and spray this mist from your roots to your ends. Voila! Beach wave perfection.


To top off your summer-approved look, these floral and geometric patterned dresses will keep you looking fresh and cool: Milly, Shoshanna, Camilla and Marc.