Behind the Seams: Camilla and Marc

The brother/sister designer duo Camilla and Marc tells us about their botanical inspiration, how their sibling dynamic helps their business, and more.



1. Tell us about the Spring 12 Collection.

Our SS12 collection titled – Paperback Lovers, takes inspiration from women of style in the 60s & 70s. The collection strikes a tone of retro modernism, bringing together contrasting elements to allow for individual style. The collection allows for a great deal of personal interpretation of what it means to wear camilla and marc.


2. What was your proudest moment as a brand?

Our proudest moment as a brand would have to be being asked to open Australian Fashion Week in 2008. For us, this meant for great brand recognition within our local market, which in turn showcased the incredibly strong following we have built up since the brands inception in 2003.


3. Do you think your Brother/Sister relationship has helped your business succeed more than if you were unrelated?

Absolutely. Being brother and sister has great advantages when in business together. We know one another inside and out… Often finishing one another’s sentences! Marc and I have grown up with the same beliefs – many of which we put into practise in the business. Marc and I are very honest with each other so we waste little time beating around the bush. It creates for perfect synergy, whereby we know how one another work.


4. What have you recently been inspired by that will find its way into your next collection?

Our collections are continuously inspired by people, places and moments we experience both within Australia and on our travels. Our latest collection, Le jardin Secret, takes inspiration from the botanical. The collection sprang from the concept of organic growth and life giving force of nature, and explores depth of print and perspective on the body. The statement print has been placed over cropped trousers, jackets and cocktail dresses.


5. What is the one physical item you cannot live without?

There’s lots of items I cannot live without – however if I had to say one, it would be a beautifully tailored blazer . Most days, I finish my outfit off with a blazer or trench especially when I’m in hurry and juggling kids and trying to get out of the house to the office.


6. What is your favorite piece of fashion wisdom?

To always be comfortable and not to follow trends that don’t suit you. Be yourself and you will always feel and look good.


7. Name 3 items every girl must have in her wardrobe.

1. Jacket

2. Party Dress

3. Fabulous heels! Bound to make any girl feel amazing!