Dress Diaries: Beyoncé in Atlantic City

RTR Intern, Victoria, tells about her “life-changing” experience at the Atlantic City stop of  the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour


Anticipation building before Beyoncé hit the stage

Anticipation building before Beyoncé hit the stage


This past weekend I was fortunate enough to go to a Beyoncé concert in Atlantic City with all of my friends.

Even more fortunate, we had floor seats and a flair for pushing through large crowds. (Note to self: do NOT try this again at a Beyoncé concert)


 The night and what I wore: 


I drove down from NYC to Atlantic City with 3 friends who were all too happy to listen to 2.5 hours worth of Beyoncé before the actual concert. This was crucial time to brush up on lyrics, coordinate dance moves etc.


Always the indecisive type, I rented 3 dresses from The Beyoncé Boutique at Rent the Runway. (No, this didn’t seem like overkill at all to me – I needed to look my absolute best to meet Queen Bey!)


I had trouble choosing between the Milly and RVN styles I’d rented; both were absolutely fabulous, but ultimately, I went with the Milly number. I couldn’t say no to its breathable cut outs – perfect for a night of dancing. Plus, I was pretty sure the electric floral pattern would catch Mrs. Carter’s eye.




After finding the perfect freakum dress, I was ready to meet the Queen. She was amazing…even better in person, if that’s possible. The best part of the night was her performance of “Love On Top” in which she flew over the crowd to a center stage. Tears flowed during “Halo” and there was much dancing to be done throughout the rest of the night. I am so lucky to have had my friends and Rent the Runway to share it with – it’s an experience I’ll never forget!


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