5 Geek Chic Wedding Gifts

It’s wedding season, and while it’s super easy to buy some dinner plates or a duvet off the registry, it might be time to think outside the box. If you’re looking for a gift that’s a bit more unique and personalized, look no further. These five thoughtful gifts will be cherished by the happy couple and be a constant reminder of what a fabulous friend you are! (PS – This handy calculator will help you determine the appropriate amount to spend.)

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1. DNA 11: Nothing’s more unique than your DNA. This company sends you a kit with a cheek swab, which you send back to DNA11 so they can map out your DNA. A perfect wedding gift would be the diptych option, so the bride and groom’s DNA can be displayed be side-by-side. The notion of DNA art may sound a bit creepy, but it looks really beautiful and very much like well, art – it’s a bit funky and abstract. You buy the kit, and then the couple can choose a color scheme that fits in their new home. They tend to be a bit pricey, so go in on the kit with a friend!
2. Scrabble Art: Buy a Scrabble board, break out the super glue and get creative. The best gifts are thoughtful, and framing a custom crossword on a Scrabble board is a clever and fun way to celebrate a couple, while also offering them something personal and unique to hang on a wall.
3. 3D-Printed Wares: 3D printing is all the rage these days, and companies like Shapeways let you design objects (if you have CAD skills) or buy pre-made ones. Whether it’s a ring, a sculpture, a paperweight or a vase – there are pretty much no limits when it comes to 3D printing, and you can use materials ranging from ceramic to stainless steel.
4. H.BLOOM: Decorate the happy couple’s home with a fresh bouquet of flowers. H. BLOOM offers several tiers, and you can buy a subscription for delivery every one, three or six months (whatever fits your budget). They’ll wake up, smell the roses and think about lucky they are to have you in their life!
5. Instagram Photo Album:Most weddings these days have a hashtag, which makes it super easy to aggregate snaps from all of the guests. Sites like Printstagram let you print Instagrams into intimate gifts, like a photo album, memory box, greeting cards, a mini-book, calendar and more.

Happy Shopping!
Lauren Drell, Mashable