6 Branded Apps We Love

Rent the Runway’s mobile app launched last week, and it enables women to rent a dress while on the go and sift through styles you like, Tinder-style. You know, just in case a black-tie gala pops up on your social calendar (you fancy!).
But Rent the Runway isn’t the only brand with a handy app. Below, we’ve rounded up six apps we love from brands we love — they blend sleek design with great utility, and we promise you’ll enjoy using them.
Makeup junkie? Then you better download Sephora’s app. You can explore “today’s obsession,” discover new trends, uncover mobile-only deals and shop for staples in the app, all while earning Beauty Insider points and nabbing free samples. You’ll be ready for your close-up in no time.
Ever see a color – a nail polish, someone’s dress, a piece of art – and wish you had paint in that hue? Behr’s ColorSmart app lets you snap a pic of anything, and it’ll tell you which Behr color matches. It’s a must-have tool for DIY projects so you can stay on top of color trends, and you can save your favorite shades and color combinations. If you’re decorating your home, you’ll find the app even more useful – you can “preview” how colors work together in a living room or bedroom.
Is your go-to order a Grande Skinny Mocha Frappuccino with an extra shot? Save some breath and time – and get your order right – by ordering via the Starbucks app. You can breeze through the checkout line with mobile payments, earn Stars for rewards and send friends and co-workers Starbucks Card eGifts. Craving a cup of joe and not sure where the nearest Starbucks is? The app will let you know.
All you want to do on vacation is relax. The W Hotel Worldwide app lets you do just that – you can check the weather and local activities, order room service, request extra towels and find special offers with a few taps of your finger. But the coolest part of the app is the music section, in which you’ll find playlists compiled by international DJs for various parts of your day – relaxing, sitting poolside, working out and partying after dark.
When you’re a lady about town, you’re passing by and hanging out in neat places all the time. The History Channel’s History Here app uses your location to serve up fun tidbits about historical sites and events that happened near where you’re standing. Whether it’s a landmark building or the place where women fought for the right to vote, the History Here app will keep you well-informed and provide great fodder for cocktail parties. After all, you’re more than just a pretty face.
Nike doesn’t just make your neon Flyknits — they’ll also give you the tools to help you get in shape while wearing them. The Nike Training Club app features more than 100 workouts from fit female athletes (Serena Williams! Hope Solo!) to help you tone and shape your bod. You can do full-body workouts in 30 or 45 minutes, or you can squeeze in a quick, targeted session in 15 minutes. You’ll find a nice mix of strength training, cardio and core targeting, and the workouts are chunked into short intervals for maximum impact. The best part – aside from the results, of course – is that you can listen to your own playlists while the app guides you through a workout. You’ve never looked better.
Happy downloading!
-Lauren Drell, Mashable