Let’s Get Organized, Fashion Week-ers!

Ask anyone who’s been, and they’ll tell you this: Fashion Week is a mix of magical moments and cray-nuts mayhem.
Whether you’re prepping for fashion’s fastest week, or looking for simple ways to navigate the hectic fall weeks facing all of us at this time of year, here’s a quick check list of must-do tips and a few of my favorite tools for making life’s adventures easier, less stressful and more organized.

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Top Tech Tips
1. Update Your Apps
So simple, yet so easy to forget. Having the latest versions of all your favorite mobile apps means they’ll work like they’re supposed to when you need them. It’s also a good way to prevent syncing issues cross-platform apps!
2. Tech-Know Your Transport
Live in a city? Ride sharing services, public transport apps and taxi alternatives are coming out in droves. Get current with what’s available near you and set up your accounts before you actually need to use them. Ride-sharing services like Lyft and Sidecar are available in cities such as San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle. Uber will hook you up with a taxi alternative in 24 U.S. cities and 17 countries.
3. Hunt Down Hubs
Instead of making the rounds to different online destinations each day, devise a quick-hit list of hubs. If fashion’s your weakness, then you’ll want to make note of the just-launched Fashion Week , an entry point for discovering the latest pins and boards from brands and style tastemakers. To watch shows live from afar, bookmark the Fashion Week livestream page. Another virtual spot to take in standout looks from the latest Fashion Week shows is available on Lyst, which will deliver a stream of favorite picks from editors in real-time


Tools To Try
1. Dropbox on your smartphone
Amassing a ton of quick videos and images has become part of the Fashion Week experience. Good thing you can quickly free up media space and keep images, video and other files safe and accessible with a Dropbox account. Once the app is on your phone, it will upload images and video whenever you’re using a wi-fi connection. That way, you can easily clear content off your phone as needed without a cumbersome upload-and-delete process.
2. Muzio for curating your media
So what to do with all that media you’ve created? New app Muzio offers an easy-to-use, no-frills platform for collecting multiple forms of media under one digital umbrella called a “muze.” You can create a muze using images and video pulled from your phone or directly from your Instagram account and quickly add text and short audio snippets. That you can blast muzes across social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest or just share them with people who have a designated link makes this tool something you can use with both your social media-savvy and off-the-grid contacts.
3. Videofy.me for short, but not super-insanely-short video
There’s huge hype around social video sharing these days, especially since Instagram added the ability to shoot and share short, 15-second recordings this summer. Other popular social platforms for sharing micro-films include Vine and Viddy. While plenty of people embrace these, I’m partial to Videofy.me, a Stockholm-based app that lets you create longer videos and offers easy-to-use, super basic editing tools. The flexibility – from sharing options to editing tools – makes this app applicable in so many cases, from a front row seat at Fashion Week to your friend’s backyard BBQ.
4. Evernote for organizing everything else
Ah, Evernote. Anyone can use this platform across multiple devices to digitally organize just about anything. If you’re new to the system, it’s true that it can be a bit overwhelming at first. A great way to start: devote an hour to getting set up and then turn to the platform to organize daily to-do lists. You’ll soon see all that it can do. If you’re already an Evernote user, you’ll get infinitely more out of this tool if you take the time to connect it with other technologies you’re already using. Syncing between a computer and mobile device is obvious, but you can also tag and forward emails to create notes (which are then further organized into notebooks) on the platform.


- Lorraine Sanders