Designer Spotlight: Clover Canyon’s Rozae Nichols

Ever wonder the inspiration behind your favorite designers? Us too, which is why we sat down with Clover Canyon‘s Creative Director, Rozae Nichols to chat all things patterns, color and story telling.
Photo Credit: Clover Canyon

How would you describe Clover Canyon in 3 words?
Joyfully patterned clothing.

How did the idea for the line come about?
When we conceived Clover Canyon, our vision was to create a fresh visual language of textile print design and production to connect and embrace the current digital technology of super high resolution of line, brilliant color and accuracy previously only achieved through the beautiful old school craft of the labor intensive method of multi screen printing.

Why “Clover Canyon”? What influenced the brand name?
Our entire team & factory live here in LA and I live in Laurel Canyon, a magical place in the middle of the city. We loved the beauty of the Los Angeles & world’s canyons and the very idea of the ‘Clover’ blanketing the canyon’s hills seemed to embody our spirit of optimism.
Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 2.30.37 PM
Clover Canyon - Reflection At Night Dress

What inspires your designs?
For Clover Canyon, it is so much about story telling with narrative of lighthearted travel inspirations depicting an endless source of landscape and environmental images. This has become our constant theme …. of the joy of travel & journey expressed through a graphic collision of classical patterns ranging from the ancient Silk Road’s mosaic patterns of classical foulards, paisleys, intricate latticing, and tromp-l’oeil textures of woven textiles, all of whose motifs frame our story’s inspirations. Textures & layered souvenir images of geographic regions, landscapes, buildings, interiors, objects. This direction brings us to remember and dream of a journey both aspirational & real travel and imagination stemming from textile pattern history.

Who is the Clover Canyon girl?
The Clover Canyon woman appreciates art, global culture, laughs aloud with warm sense of humor and enjoys fearlessly expressing her diverse passions through her personal style.

How do you incorporate trends into your very unique design vision?
We work as a spirited creative team and approach the design process with our prints leading the direction of silhouette, proportions.
Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 2.33.45 PM
Clover Canyon - Moscow Mixup Dress

What is the reaction you want someone to feel when they see a Clover Canyon piece?
When the eye is wondering throughout the story of our visual details of our print, we hope they will feel a sense of humor, intrigue and joy.

What can we expect from your Fall 2013 collection?
For Fall 2013, the signature Clover Canyon hand-engineered prints are fitting to silhouettes that are likewise lavish. Voluminous full skirts punctuate in nipped waists. Dresses crescendo in sculpted sleeves. Yards of watery chiffon billow and unfurl. And the materials are even richer now, with hammered satin, quilted and embroidered neoprene and faux fur introducing a lush textural element. And nowhere is the theme of opulence better exampled that in this season’s knits, which include delicious gem-toned angora dappled with baby sequins or shimmering paillettes.

Who are some of your celebrity clients?
We are thrilled when creative women wear our clothes. Beyonce, Solange Knowles, Paula Patton, Elizabeth Moss, Anna Paquin, Shay Mitchell, Christina Ricci, to name some of our favorites…

What do you find most exciting about your partnership with Rent the Runway?
My hope is that fashion can inspire people to be thoughtful in their personal expression from the point of renting or purchasing garments with meaningful origins. For me, this means garments of any price point as long as the piece has an authentic and thoughtful story in its making.