10 Things We Love 12.27.2010

1 Soho Warehouse Party

Trying on our dresses and getting your hair and make up done for a $5 ticket. Not to mention on the spot rentals and expert styling advice so you can leave straight to your NYE party! Get your hands on a ticket on Gilt City while they last.


Gilt City Warehouse Sale Rent the Runway


2 A White Christmas

Snow: inconvenient but oh-so-fun! A blanket of white covered New York City for a White Christmas this holiday. It was picturesque- perfect for caroling, warm cider and baking cookies with family and friends, which leads us to…


 White Christmas


3 Online Shopping & Sales

Mikkel got 5 DVD's for the price of one this weekend with all of the sales that were going on! Being snowed in also made it the perfect time to spend hours on the computer with friends and choosing what to rent for NYE.


4 Legos, Legos, Legos

Daria forgot how much fun Legos were until she spent Christmas making a Buzz Lightyear with her five year-old nephew. This Lego creation is actually a digital camera, perfect for capturing all of those memories. 


Buzz Lightyear Legos    Lego Camera


5 Tropical Eggnog

Nothing makes Ashelyn want to go home for the holidays more than her Mom's homemade Coquito. It's a creamy coconut eggnog made with white rum and spices. Mom won't give up her recipie but applaudes Martha Stewart's. Click here to make it at home- one real coconut optional!


Martha Stewart Recipie


6 Best. Cards. Ever. 

The holidays calls for choosing the right cards. We love the cards on TinyPrints.com, a site where you can design your own cards to give that personal touch. Make yourself accountable for your New Years resolutions and send them to your friends. Don't forget Mom and Dad!


7 The Art Of Scrapbook

This book is the first ever personalized scrapboook by Cecile Beaton, one of the most influential photographers of the 20th Century. It was one of our favorite gifts this season, also functioning as a coffe table book and inspiration board.

Cecile Beaton the Art of Scrapbook Rent the Runway Art Collector


8 Light Up the Catwalk

Remember when you had LA Gears? LED shoes are making a comeback. Our favorite pair is by Edmundo Castillo, who was inspired by Tron the movie. Light up your step when your out with the girls and plug them in when you get back to your nest egg.


Edmundo Castillo LED Shoes WWD Magazine Rent the Runway Tron


9 Leftovers

Most of us look forward to holiday dinner with the family, but the real treat are the leftovers. Honey baked ham sandwich? We are all there.


10 Savvy Style

Jaime covets this jacket she found on All Saint's site. Why not be warm and fashionable? Get it while it's still on sale to wear over your NYE frock and ring in the new year brand new! 


All Saint's Jacket Jaime's Choice Rent the Runway