10 Things We Love 4/25/2011


1 The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding is this Friday, the 29th and we are gearing up for the big revealing. Who designed Kate’s dress? What will she look like? We’ve been channeling the Royal Wedding in hues of blue, these royal looks and the occasional British accent… not to mention some of us will be waking up at 4AM to see everything happen live!


Prabal Gurung Polka Dot Perfection Dress Rent the RunwayVera Wang Prussian Satin Strapless Dress Rent the Runway


2 Tribeca Film Festival

This weekend was all about the Tribeca Film Festival! Already on our roster of movies watched are Black Butterflies, The Good Doctor and Limelight. All of them were great films- if you like Orlando Bloom, a deep look at NYC club scene back in the day and South African poets, they are all on your must see list. Up next is the YSL documentary, L’Amour Fou. What are you watching thsis time around? Get your tickets here! 


Tribeca Film Festival NYC Rent the Runway


3Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was cheery in NYC with the warm weather and sun that we’ve been missing for way too long. Nisha’s favorite part about Easter was definitely the beautiful Easter dresses and the giggles of children as they hunt for Easter eggs and rifle through their baskets. What was your favorite part? 


4David Burke’s Fishtail

Blaire enjoyed a delicious Easter Sunday brunch at David Burke’s Fishtail this weekend. Her best suggestion? The cheesecake lollipop tree. Yum!

David Burke's Fishtail Rent the Runway

5Kelsey Quan Jewelry

Neil’s loving Kelsey Quan’spoint of view on accessories. She chose to display her accessories by taking some of her favorite art pieces and adding the jewelry to it. Art + Quan’s accessories = one very serious fashion statement. Check out the pieces- art and accessories- here.


Kelsey Quan Accessories Rent the Runway

6 Soap Dispensers

We are all excited about the new sutomatic soap dispensers in the bathrooms here at RTR headquarters. RTR’s moving on up!


7Scissor Sisters

This was too much to pass up the list. Here’s a shot of the Ana Matronic of Scissor Sisters performing at Cocahella wearing the gold version of our favorite Peter Soronen sequin dresses.

Scissor Sisters Rent the Runway



We’ve all been here: you hear a song and get it stuck in your head. Then you realize you don’t actually understand the words you’ve been jamming out to. Enter RapGenius.com. Search for the song that’s been rockin’ your brain and you can hear the song, read the lyrics and see how the RapGenius community interprets it. This is for rap lovers everywhere- anyone can create an account and interpret the lines. Those explanations that are applauded the most get a boost in their Rap IQ. Check it out here. 


9Brunch at the Mark Hotel

New favorite brunch spot? The Mark Restaurant, the new Jean Georges spot at the Mark Hotel. If you haven’t been, make sure to go soon and make a reservation before the word gets out and you won’t make it until the 4th of July. Olivia suggests the Steamed Shrimp Salad with Avocado and Enoki Champagne Dressing for a no-fail delicous meal.


The Mark Hotel Rent the Runway


10Lani Kai

This week AJ was feeling like spring, so she headed to Lani Kai, a tiki-style lounge in SoHo. The mojitos are made to keep you coming back and you may as well- the downstairs area is perfect for a birthday party.


Lani Kai Rent the Runway