10 Things We Love 5/16/2011

1 Jewels with Attitude

We are feeling jewelry with punchy colors and attitude, like this new necklace by Lee Angel and colored pieces from Nicole Romano and Gemma Redux.


Lee Angel Lock and Roll Necklace Rent the Runway


2 Bridesmaids

The RTR office went to see this movie on Friday and could not stop laughing. Definitely a must-see!


Bridesmaids Movie Rent the Runway



It’s that time. Beers, sun and lounging. We love the Radegast Biergarten in Williamsburg to be specific.Try to stop by when there’s live jazz for a perfect night out in the open. Believe it or not, you might even see stars…



YES, that is right, New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys are joining forces.  BUH-nahahas!! Chondita will be there at the June 13th concert and you can too. Ohohohohoh ohohohoh ohohohohohoh the right stuff!

NKOTBSB Rent the Runway

5 The Cambridge Satchel Company

Neil flaunted his new bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company. They’re made to order in the UK and can be monogrammed. He tied a vintage Hermes scarf on the handle of mine for a little extra pizzazz. Click here to check it out.



It’s the evolution of the calculator watch. A totally programmable watch where you can create your own digital games, layouts, faces, etc. Kyle preordered his, click here to preorder yours- Father’s Day is around the corner!


MetaWatch Rent the Runway


7Summer Denim

The stylists came in today wearing either chambray tops or white denim… we know what they’re channeling for summer! Get your hands on the look with this combo from J. Crew.


Nicole Miller Bachelorette Rent the Runway


8Champagne in a Can?

Uh huh. Jenny’s new obsession takes center sage this past weekend. Pass the straws please. 


Champagne in a Can Rent the Runway


9Magic Eraser 

If you ever wanted to try it, it actually works! Alex spent her weekend moving into a new apartment and that magic eraser left everything spotless. Mr. Clean to the rescue!


10 Frappuccino Happy Hour 

The last savory Starbucks frappuccino for half off during their Frappuccino Happy Hour that ended yesterday. Our newest RTR family member, Patrick, put us on to it… #TotallyAddicted


Starbucks Frappucchino Happy Hour Rent the Runway