10 Things We Love 5/23/2011

1 Million Member Party

Last Friday we celebrated reaching one million members at the South Street Sea Port with drinks, ping pong, beer pong and well… more drinks. Thanks to all of you for helping us get there and believing in RTR!


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2 Commandos

This long time, girls best friend is now available to buy on RTR! We. Are. So. Excited.


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3Dance Parade 

This Saturday Tim got his groove on for Dance Parade 2011. The annual parade showcases dancers from across the globe who put on their dancing shoes from 21st Street and Broadway to St. Marks and Avenue A. All just in time for the rapture, of course.


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4 Fitist.com

A personalized approach to exercise – mix classes at amazing studios around NYC across core, cycle, yoga and pilates and pay one flat price. It’s time to get bikini ready!


5The Hangover Part II

You knew this would make it on the list at some point, especially after our party on Friday. Don’t miss it!


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6The Little Wine Bus

It’s exactly what it sounds like. The Little Wine Bus picks you up in NYC and drives you up to the Hudson Valley stopping at wineries all along the way. Ashley boarded the bus for her friend’s bachelorette party this weekend and will be boarding again soon. The owner Tania (pictured below), even stocks the bus with tunes for karaoke! Check it out here.


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7Modern Day Cabaret

Sexy chanteuses like Alexia Foxe give a totally modern spin to this genre. Also love her daring fashion sense!  Check out her show, “Love in the Time of Colonics” TONIGHT! 


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8Barcelona vs. Manchester United

The Champion’s League final between the two best club soccer teams in Europe, Barcelona and Manchester United. This game is the biggest sporting event in the world. That’s right- it’s bigger than the Super Bowl. You know what we’ll be doing on Saturday at 2PM/EST.



Breakfast served all day long, Spanish comfort food with a modern twist and everything under $20? Sign us up! This is your new favorite place in Chelsea. Check out their menu here.


10 Moby at Clic

The Moby exhibit at the Clic Gallery is worth checking out. See the world through his eyes here.



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