10 Things We Love 9.6.11


1 Fashion’s Night Out!


One of our favorite weeks of the year is here – fashion week – and we can’t wait to kick it off with a bang. This Thursday you we’re teaming up with Fresh and Alexis Bittar to host some fantastic events. Check out all the details here!



2 Rachel Zoe

We go ba-na-nas for Rachel and her lovable, hilarious team. Season 4 of Zoe’s show starts tonight – we can hardly wait to see how she works her baby bump into her inimitable style.



3Babyonce’s Musical Debut


New York Magazine never fails to come up with some of the most highlarious parodies on pop culture. They released lyrics to Babyonce’s (aka Beyonce and Jay-Z’s child) first single set to the tune of “If I Were a Boy” and needless to say it is beyond entertaining. You can catch us switching up the lyrics to Beyonce’s initial hit next time we are getting ready to go out.



4 Steak Frites


Anushka was in Paris over the weekend and she had the best Steak Frites the city of lights had to offer.



5 Apache Relay in Montana


Jenn continued her 30th birthday tradition from last year with an Apache relay for her boyfriend’s 30th this weekend. Some of the highlight include team leap frog, a trampoline jumping sequence, a pie eating contest (no hands!) and of course as usual it started off with team flip cup!!



6 Horseback Riding


Becky and Lauren both went horseback riding this weekend on their respective vacations to Montana and Iceland. What a perfect way to end the summer!






Fall weather is officially here and what would the season be without Starbucks’ infamous Pumpkin Spice latte? Nothing can compare to the delightful drink that so many of us will start to enjoy regularly (daily for some).



8 New York Mag’s 10th Anniversary Issue


Lara and the rest of the office loves New York Mag’s 10th Anniversary of September 11th commemorative issue. They look back on how that day changed New York City and our Nation the past ten years.


9 How to Succeed in Business


Nikki saw “How to Suceed in Business Without Really Trying” this past weekend and recommends it to all. She can vouch that Dan Radcliffe has other talents than personifying our favorite wizard of all time!



10 New York Renaissance Fair


Tiffany made the treck to the New York Renaissance Fair where people (employees and customers) dressed up as knights, jesters, wenches etc. Eating turkey legs, watching jousts, glassblowing, etc. – It was an interesting but fun event!