10 Things We Love This Columbus Day


1 Cobalt Velvet

This bold blue beauty has also got back.

Mark & James by Badgley Mischka Sapphire Star Dress


2 These Gorgeous Pumps

These ultra-high heels from Ann Taylor will give your style a lift.

Ann Taylor Corrine Pumps


3 Apple Picking

And pumpkin picking too! Speaking of pumpkin…


4 Pumpkin Spice Latte Season



5 High Impact Cuffs

These Ted Rossi statement pieces bring a lot of luxe to any look.

Ted Rossi Cleopatra CuffTed Rossi Mirror Grid CuffTed Rossi Strut Your Stuff Cuff


6 Helmut Lang Leggings

Jenn wore them all weekend and love how they make her feel like she's ready to fight crime. You can get yours here.


7 Jeffrey's

Yes, the store. But also the Grocery that just opened down the street from Lara's apt. An old style mom n' pop offering sandwiches and a small restaurant in back.

 Jeffrey's Grocery


8 Body Rolling

After suffering through some neck and back pain, Chondita found relief through a body rolling class. You can give yourself a full body massage with just a mat and a few balls!


9 The Art Truck

Chris saw a wild looking cartoon pop art truck last night – kind of a like a food truck but selling art instead.


10 Boston!

A bunch of us were down there this last week enjoying various business and leisure activities – but Christina definitely ran around even more than the rest of us – she completed the Boston half marathon on Sunday!