10 Things We Love This Week


1 Staycations

Not everyone’s on their way to the Hamptons. Jenn’s excited about weekends in the city. The only question is what to wear…Perhaps some Doo.ri?


Doo.ri Draped Bodice Dress Doo.ri Cloud Print Dress Doo.ri Printed Panel Dress


2 Our interns

We have approximately 20 girls in our office this summer helping us make Rent the Runway even better!


3 Dress Obsessed

Don't forget, rent dresses for two occasions in June, and the third is on us! For Lara, this means 1 Rehearsal Dinner Dress, 1 Wedding Dress, and 1 Bridal Shower Dress.


Ports 1961 Champagne Celebration Dress  Temperley London Sweetheart Strapless Draped Dress  Moschino Cheap & Chic Pretty Primadonna Dress


4 "Proenza Cooler"

Our warehouse is HOT, HOT, HOT, and to cool it off we brought in a gelato maker (aka Proenza Cooler). The inaugural flavor is Haute Chippie, vanilla bean ice cream with crumbled chips ahoy cookies. Next up is Berry Berry Ombre (vanilla bean ice cream with strawberries and blueberries), followed by Tracy Reeses (vanilla with Reeses' peanut butter cups). What flavor should we do next? Tell us in the comments, and if we picks yours, we'll give you a $100 gift card!


5 The Hangover — Now on HBO

It’s always a pleasant surprise to find something on TV that’s laugh out loud funny. With the lull in television right now, this is a great way to pass some lazy time on the couch.


6 J Crew's Chocolate Reese Sandals

These sandals are seriously killer.


 J Crew Sandals


7 Summer Reading

Lara took advantage of her vacation by getting through 4 books (including the entire Millenium Trilogy) and now she’s on a summer reading kick. Any recommendations?


8 The Bachelorette

Although Ali has hopes of wearing white in the very near future, we all know that she LOVES yellow! Reserve one of Rent the Runway’s fabulous yellow dresses ASAP, in honor of Ali.


 Bachelorette Ali   Lela Rose Couture Wave Dress   Milly Sunny Summer Dress


9 Iman

Yesterday’s NY Times profile reminded us how awesome she is, and we’re thrilled that the CFDA will be honoring her tonight.


10 Internet Week

Starting today, Internet Week celebrates the thriving NYC industry and community. A week-long party? Count us in.