10 Things We Love This Week


1 Carlos Miele

Check out the fabulous party dresses from RTR’s latest addition. The Brazilian designer does not disappoint with his latest collection of glamorous dresses.

Carlos Miele Formal Affair DressCarlos Miele Knock Em Dead Gown


2 E-Creamery.com

Design and name your own ice cream flavor – the ultimate thank you gift! 


3 Ellen Degeneres on So You Think You Can Dance

Hilarious! Girl's got moves.


4 The Fall-like weather in NYC this weekend

Makes us want to shop for fall…lace, boots, camel, and more. What’s on your fall wishlist?

Net-a-porter Sandro Rancoeur white lace dressMadewell Boots


5 RTR's Style Out

We’re opening our closet next Monday and Tuesday. For the first time ever, join us in our office and try on your favorite dresses in person! To attend, send an email to rsvp@renttherunway.com and include your size.


6 This Flash Drive

Adorable! And available at Urban Outfitters.

Russian Matryoshkas Flash Drive


7 Step Up 3D

Chondita doesn’t care what IMDB ratings says, Step Up 3D rocks. Rick Malambri is imminently watchable, particularly in 3d. Best 3d feature length music video EVER!!!


8 The Meatball Shop on the LES

Gi-normous meatballs…saucy, cheezy, and messy goodness. And for dessert? Custom-made 3 inch tall ice cream sandwiches. AMAZING!

Meatball Shop


9 Teen Fiction

Hunger Games is filling the hole that was left when the Twilight series finished.

 Hunger Games


10 Biore

We love this amazing makeup remover from Biore and so will you! Order from us today and you’ll receive a free Biore Make-Up Remover sample.

Biore Make-Up Removing Towelette