10 Things We Love This Week


1 Our New Arrivals

Between ultra-hip Proenza Schouler, new Black Halo, and knockout Herve Leger

it’s a cool, cool summer.


2 Almond Milk Ice Cream Bon Bons

Made by Almond Breeze. Chondita (new team member!) thinks these are life changing for the lactose and soy intolerant (available at Whole Foods).



3 Emerald's Cocoa Covered Almonds

Brooke and Daria’s healthy summer snack of choice.


4 Our first RTR baby

Jess Schur was one of RTR’s first employees, and she used to stand in Louboutins in our warehouse. Now she’ll have to find some baby shoes with red soles – Mazel Tov!



5 Ina Garten's cookbooks

Jenn had one of Ina's recipes at a meal with her best friend in Darien last week. It was to die for and super easy to prepare. It's the first thing on her shopping list for the weekend…


6 Zany Bands

Need we say more?


7 All My Children on Hulu

Derek is literally obsessed… Erica Kane is missing!!!



8 Getaway Weekends

Mike spent his in Vermont at Stowe Mountain Lodge, and Becky spent hers up at Cornell in Ithaca.


9 World Cup

Even if sports aren’t your thing, the opening ceremony had fashion and music to boot. Plus, the enthusiasm’s a little contagious…



10 July's InStyle Magazine

Check out RTR on page 31!


We love to hear from you guys – what are you into this week?