10 Things We Love This Week

1 Our New Rings!


2 Ocean Beach, Fire Island

Working in the fashion industry, the only thing Jenn knew of Fire Island was "The Pines" (especially given how much Derek talks about it) but at the suggestion of Becky she went to Ocean Beach this past weekend and was blown away. It's down-to-earth, charming and entirely lacks a scene – which is perfect for a relaxing summer weekend. Here’s to a new annual tradition!


3 Top Chef D.C.

Top Chef Masters really doesn’t compare, but we’re all excited to have Tom, Padma, and the rest of the crew back on the Wednesday night schedule. Now, if only we could cook!


4 Our Dads

Happy Belated Father’s Day!


5 Our New Space

The RTR warehouse team just moved into our new 9,000 sq foot office space, and we can’t wait to join them! With two new members of our team starting today (welcome AJ and Vijay!) we are definitely in need of some extra space.


6 Mini Cupcake Maker

How cute is this adorable device? It’s only $29.99. Check!


7 Another Dream by Enrique Badulescu

In between appointments last week at Milk Studios, Derek took a quick walk through the open-to-the-public gallery at Milk. He was instantly transported to another world by the photographer Enrique Badulescu, who used hand applied techniques to create the surreal images below. If you are in NYC and have time, it is definitely worth the trip to Milk Studios at 450 West 15th St.


8 Kombucha!

Jenny’s favorite beverage



A concept store in Rome just like Colette in Paris. It's ultra chic and has clothes, flowers, music, home goods, and everything else you want to fill your life with. Abby, one of our newest employees was there a few weeks back before she started at RTR and love, love, loved it! 


10 Ripstik

Closest thing to snowboarding – without the snow!