10 Things We Love This Week


1 Mad Men Season 4

Everyone talks the talk about Don Draper but RTR's heart is with Roger Sterling. Last September, Jenn practically verbally assaulted John Slattery on the street when he tried to steal her cab on the way to the Doo.ri fashion show. After making amends when he politely offered up the cab, Jenn, Lara & John shared a cab ride of bliss uptown and chatted about Mad Men, Mona, and memories of SATC. Roger is definitely the most dapper on the show and he says what he means – however misogynistic it might be. RTR + Roger Forever. See below for our favorite RTR Mad Men inspired looks.





2 Our New Office

See pics here. It’s amazing!


3 Inception

Only half of our office has seen it, so we’ll resist posting the spoiler as Derek requested.


4 Lobster Rolls

Tis the season!

Lobster Roll


5 Ebay

Yes, Becky is about 10 years behind the rest of the world. But if you saw the smile she had on her face telling everyone how much her stuff is making, you’d understand why it’s on this list.


6 Purple Nail Polish

Our new stylist Emily loves it any shade.


7 This Lamp

MoMA style, Amazon prices.

Floor Lamp


8 RainyMood.com

Working in a room with 30 people is super fun, but it can be wee bit challenging to focus. This site helps Chondita go to a serene, happy place.


9 Delicious Dishes

Daria’s digging the Lobster Risotto at Recette, and Ashley is loving the Pani Frattau at her favorite brunch spot, Belcourt.


10 Brazilian Coffee

AJ’s hooked on it after her brother brought it back from a recent trip.