3 Ways: Fashion Emergency Fixes

For all the moments that you’ve thought “I wish I had…” in a fashion emergency, Braza has got you covered. Here are the top three solutions for any fashion savvy gal. If you don’t already have these, no worries! We now carry them on RTR and you can add them to your rental or order them on their own. After all, it’s better late than never!



Emergency 1: Backless Dress + Full Frontal Coverage

There aren’t many of us who can attend a fête without a bra. For some it’s a blessing, for others it’s a curse, and for you there’s a solution. The Braza Strapless Adhesive Bra is super easy to apply and when you are finished, simply throw it out- each pack comes with five sets. Now you can wear any dress!


Braza Bra Rent the Runway



Emergency 2: “Cup” Half Full

Sometimes you just can’t fill it up. There’s no need to go looking for a pricey strapless push up that you’ll only use a handful of times.  Braza’s Add a Bra Size Inserts will get you there. Now you can look at this as a “cup” half full situation.


BRaza Add a Bra Size Inserts Rent the Runway



Emergency 3: Just a Tad Too Low

When the dress is just a tad too low and moving your bra strap out of sight is not an option, try Braza’s The Low Down. This bra converter will pull the strap low enough and leave you in the clear.


Braza The Low Down Rent the Runway