3 Ways: Talk to the Hand

Our closet is brimming over with all the new stuff we’ve added to the RTR collection and with so many new jewels it’s time to let others notice how you’ve been decorating yourself. It’s ever too often that you opt for your black ensembles with a dash of leather to meet up socially, but for once that’s ok. It’s been a long winter so let them to talk to the hand- these baubles will certainly break the ice. This 3 Ways is all about how you can look the part with a piece or two of shine. Check out the latest pieces here. Which is your favorite?


Neck it Out

There is nothing more spotlight worthy than a statement necklace. Make that statement one of these pieces by Gemma Redux and Tom Binns.


Rent the Runway Statement Neckalces



Tell Me a Secret

Let them tell you a secret, but warn them about the treasure on your ear. These earrings by Rachel Leigh, Nicole Romano and Dannijo will mesmerize.


Rent the Runway Earrings


Cuff Me Up

These styles from Nicole Romano and Erickson Beamon invite you to be cuffed.


Rent the Runway Cuff