5 Thanksgiving Musts

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Pinterest, Martha Stewart
I’ve been in such a daze with the perfect Indian Summer days, rustling yellow leaves, football and the smell of bonfires lately that I almost forgot that Thanksgiving is (gulp) in two weeks! Which means the Holly-days are about to be in full force, and we’ll all be heading off to see family & friends for Thanksgiving before we know it. Or, if you’re like me, cooking for them! So to get you kick started, here are 5 ideas for how to set the stage on Turkey Day, what to wear, and how to be a gracious host (and guest):
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Martha Stewart, Jamie Meares
‘Tis the season to set a pretty table. The classic-fall-with-a-twist set up on the left – courtesy of the Domestic Mothership – is one of my all-time favorites. Or, take a cue from the her-mix-a-lot master, Jamie Meares, and try something like the one on the right, which knocks my socks off. Last year, Jamie threw pink toile, pumpkins, antique blues, tortoise tumblers and everything but the kitchen sink on that table, and it looks like a party. Anthropologie, World Market, Furbish Studio and local antique/thrift stores are great sources for tabletop finds!
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Breakfast with Kate Moss, Design You Trust
Regardless of whether you’re hosting dinner or pulling up a seat at someone else’s Turkey Day table, it’s a super sweet idea to write a hand-written note to each person who’ll be present about the reasons why you’re thankful for them. (Hosts: You can make this their place card!) I know, I know – the idea is laden with saccharin & rainbows, and it’ll take a little effort – but hey. How fun is getting mail? Plus, they don’t have to be all sappy – you can lace them with humor. E.g., “Grandpa: I’m so grateful that you could be with us today… and also, that you packed your dentures so you don’t have to gum the turkey. Love you!”
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The Long And Short Of It, H&M, Madewell, Bloomingdales
Honey. You know you’re going to hoover more mashed potatoes and pecan pie that day than Heinz has pickles, so opt for an outfit that’s cute AND comfortable. And by comfortable, naturally I mean has an elastic waistband of sorts. Or at least skinnies with an oversized off-the-shoulder number… Think laid-back Olivia Palermo.
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Camille Styles, Hollywood Photographs
I hosted Turkey Day last year for the first time ever for 10 people… and with all my foolproof Pinterest recipes, eager beaver kitchen prowess and countless hours of preparation, I really thought I had it under control. But the truth is, powdered sugar ended up in the gravy (thanks, Aunt Lou, for saving the day), I freaked out when it came to gutting the gizzard (thanks, Mom, for doing the dirty work), and the best dish on the table ended up being one that a guest brought (thanks Sunny!) So the moral of the story is: every host needs help, whether they know it or not. So if you’re hosting, graciously accept help if it’s offered. And if you’re attending, ask the host if you can bring a side dish, a signature cocktail (like the Citrus Manhattans above, or a Rosemary Gin Gimlet, or just lend a little elbow grease in the kitchen.
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Oh Happy Day
Send your guests home with these ADORABLE to-go containers. You can pick up the boxes at Michael’s, and print these gorgeous labels, as seen on Oh Happy Day.

That’s all for now. Be sure to comment below with your favorite Thanksgiving musts!
Stephanie of Covet Living