A Guide To Wedding Registries

With wedding planning, comes a long list of to-dos. At the top of the list? Curating the perfect wedding registry that is unique to you and your spouse-to-be, all while staying as stress-free as possible
We’ve pulled together our top tips to ensure easy registering, and most importantly that you don’t end up with more grey hairs than you started out with.

1. Take inventory of your current living space (whether together or separate) to come up with your “must have” and “wish list” items.
2. Figure out what type of couple you and your fiance are. Do you enjoy entertaining or being entertained? Are you more outdoorsy or homebodies? These questions will help you determine what to prioritize registering for.
3. If you’re not 150% set on a certain pattern or color scheme for plates, linens, etc., chose white. It’s a timeless classic and will go with anything later down the road.
4. No one has the time to manage all their different registries, so visit The Knot.com to view them all in one place.
5. Do it slowly over time to avoid getting totally overwhelmed.