A Very DIY Backyard Soirée

Although the summer has come to an end, the warm weather is still lingering and we don’t know about you, but we want to enjoy the sunshine while we still have it. Our sundresses are still on, so what better way to celebrate the outdoors than with a DIY backyard BBQ party? We’ve got all the tips to throw an easy (and beautiful!) party this weekend!
Here are some of our fave DIY projects when planning the perfect backyard soirée…
A Sharp Fruit Salad
Step 1. Take a watermelon, cut out a “mouth” at one of the ends
Step 2. Cut out an oval shape that ends in points as if you were carving a pumpkin
Step 3. Remove the oval, scoop out some of the inside of the watermelon to make space for fruit to be placed inside
Step 4. Peel back an inch of the outer watermelon skin on the top and the bottom of the “mouth” to make “gums”
Step 5. Cut out pointed teeth by carving triangles out of the “gums”
Step 6. Take two toothpicks, attach a grape on each one and stick them in the watermelon to make the eyes
Step 7. Cut a triangle out of the discarded watermelon pieces and attach to the top of the watermelon for a fin
Step 8. Lean the watermelon upwards so the mouth is elevated by resting it on an upward angle
(Tip: You can use some discarded watermelon pieces to prop it up or even drink coasters)
Step 9. Load up the mouth of the watermelon with a variety of other fruit and stick toothpicks in some of the pieces so it is easy to grab a bite!
A Pop of Color
Step 1. Get popcorn boxes from any supermarket or
Party City
(Tip: find plastic bowls that fit snugly in the top of the box)
Step 2. Add some water to the bowl and a bunch of fun, neon flowers (most supermarket florists will carry them), so that it looks as though the flowers are popping out of the popcorn box!
Utilize Your Utencils
Step 1. Take three ball jars and fill some with dried split peas and others with pearl cake decorating candies
(Tip: Both can be found at your local market)
Step 2. Stick the utensils in the jars and display them in a trio!
Now all you have to do is sit back and get ready for your guests to be wowed!


- Jess Garvey, Hostess Handbook