Behind the Scenes in the Carrie Bradshaw Closet

Fantastic color, enticing labels, an array of fabrics… this magical experience is what we have tried to recreate at Rent the Runway, enabling each woman to access all of these fantastic styles.  When the dresses aren’t in the hands of a lucky fashionista they are hanging in our own luxury closet which is conveniently located inside of a dry cleaner in NYC!  Slate NYC ( is our eco-friendly dry cleaning partner where we warehouse all of our dresses. Working out of a dry cleaner enables us to get our dresses out to customers looking like new every time as quickly as possible.


While the world of fashion may appear ultra glamorous, there are definitely moments packing boxes, checking in new inventory, and organizing our dress racks that bring me back to reality in a big time way.  Luckily I have come up with 5 easy tricks to surviving life at the dry cleaners which conveniently also serve as apt life lessons:


  1. Leave your Louboutins at home! (Actually this only applies at the dry cleaners)
  2. Bring the UPS man cookies. Bribery is always a good tactic.
  3. Packing tape serves as great nail polish remover.
  4. Dress with less (clothing that is) – it is always 20 degrees hotter inside the dry cleaners but what a great excuse to show some skin.
  5. Handling dresses definitely counts as exercise. So yes, shopping is a legitimate excuse to skip the gym.