Behind the Seams: Moschino

This month we go Behind the Seams with Rossella Jardini of Moschino to find out her inspiration behind the latest collection, her favorite fashion trend, and advice for aspiring designers.



Tell me about the Moschino Fall 12 Runway collection.


I had in mind the image of a man sitting in a boat, smiling, and surrounded by his friends.  I was inspired by the classic white trousers and the navy double-breasted jacket:  the strict elegance of the military uniform and that certain sophisticated good taste.


In the collection the most representative articles of clothing are borrowed from men’s wardrobes, their unapproachable precision transposed into feminine elegance. The exacting style of tailcoats, tuxedos and riding jackets is toned down with a play of precious fabrics and decoration that soften the rigid lines of that man’s world that a woman knows all too well and can wear to perfection.



What is something you dream of achieving but haven’t yet?


To meet and get to know Lady Gaga! She has been wearing Moschino recently and I’m very happy.


How would you describe your own style?


…I’m one of the most elegant women I know…. !! :)


What is your favorite fashion trend right now?


Mixing clothes and accessories in an unexpected way, from Moschino and other brands.



What was your proudest moment as a designer?


My greatest achievement has been maintaining the Moschino legacy.


If you could give advice to aspiring designers, what would it be?


Be patient, work hard, be patient again!


This dress will be coming soon to RTR!