Best Bets: Hats Off to You

The 70’s-chic on the runways in February spread hippie euphoria into our closets for spring, leaving us thirsty for a hat. Wide brim, floppy or fedora, we went on a mission to find the right hat to accompany our maxi dresses and flares. The result? Our best bets for hats this summer, based on your face shape. If you’re going to add the summer staple to your closet, we want to help you get it right.


First step: Identify which face shape you have. Second step: Read on!


Kirsten Dunst Rent the Runway  Reese Witherspoon Rent the Runway

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Round Shape

Stick to asymmetrical styles that have a high crown or very wide brims. Translation: straight brims at least three inches wide or fedoras. The goal is to thin out your face and either one of these types of hats will do the trick. We love these from Reiss and Eugenia Kim.


Reiss Hat Rent the Runway  Eugenia Kim rent the Runway


Heart Shape

You’re best suited for a medium brim hat at an angle. If the brim is too big, your face will appear longer. Wear it at the angle that cuts across the widest part of your face for a slimming effect. We like this fun red trilby from Asos and Estelle Hat from Rag & Bone.


Red ASOS hat Rent the Runway  Rag & Bone Hat Rent the Runway


Long Shape

No wide brims for you! Your goal is to keep the brim as close to your face as possible. We like this bowler from Barney’s and Asos.


Barney's Bowler Hat Rent the Runway  Green and Chocolate Brown Hat Rent the Runway


Oval Face

Lucky you! You have the face shape that hats were made for. Since any type of hat will look ah-mazing on you, step outside of the box and wear something different. We like this Opening Ceremony orange piece and wide brim floppy from Topshop complete with a huge bow.  Go ahead- make them all jealous.


Opening Ceremony Hat Rent the Runway  Top Shop Hat Rent the Runway