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There are so many great options in wedding photography available now to couples, and it can be almost overwhelming to know how to find the best match.  As a seasoned wedding photographer and studio owner, I’ve had a lot of experience working with couples to find a photographer and style that works best for them. 


For the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing my best suggestions for booking your wedding photographer in Booking Your Wedding Photographer: Tips Series by Christian Oth. Following these tips will get you one step closer to getting great photographs that you’ll be able to cherish for years to come.


Week One Focus: Versatility


Is your photographer versatile?  With weddings, one thing is for sure–things can change on the spot.  Before each wedding, I try to pre-visualize many of the shots I will take that day. However, no matter how carefully planned they are, they tend to be dynamic and with certain unpredictable elements, so I try to get the images that I had planned but when situations change or I am inspired by a new idea, that then becomes the main focus.  The best way to find out if your photographer is able to adapt to different situations is to look at several different wedding portfolios. Can they get good photographs in both bright sunlight and rainy weather? Can you recognize certain shots that are in-the-moment?


Christian Oth Wedding photography  Christian Oth Photography  Christian Oth photography


Have they photographed a wedding with similar elements as yours?  If you are having a destination wedding on a beach, you will want to make sure that your photographer is experienced and comfortable shooting this type of wedding.  Similarly, if you are having a winter wedding that takes place indoors, you should make sure that your photographer is skilled at capturing light in an interior venue. 


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