Booking Your Wedding Photographer Tip Series Week 4

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For the last couple of weeks and several more to come, I have been sharing my best suggestions for booking your wedding photographer in Booking Your Wedding Photographer: Tips Series by Christian Oth.  With so many great options in wedding photography available to couples, it can be almost overwhelming to know how to find the best match. Following these tips will get you one step closer to getting great photographs that you’ll be able to cherish for years to come. This week we focus on one of the most crucial of the deciding factors- credibility.


Christian Oth Weddings Rent the Runway  Christian Oth Wedding Rent the Runway



Week 4: Credibility


Do they come highly recommended?  A great way to find a reputable wedding photographer is by asking your friends for recommendations. Keep in mind that your taste and style may be different than your friends, but if you love their photographs and they had a great experience with the photographer it’s a good bet that you will, too.  Ask them about their entire experience- from the wedding day to how timely the delivery of their images was.  If you are the first in your circle of friends to get married, ask other vendors and tastemakers that you admire who they would recommend.


Christian Oth Weddings Rent the Runway


Are they well-established?  Ask about your photographer’s background and level of experience.  Are they conducting their business out of Starbucks, or do they have their own studio?  All photographers have to start somewhere, and often you’ll find very talented photographers running their own small businesses.  Just make sure to do your research and take care to ask for references.  On the flip side, don’t be blinded by the brick-and-mortar businesses.  They could be burnouts, so take just as much time to look into these as well.


Christian Oth Weddings Rent the Runway  Christian Oth Weddings Rent the Runway


Can you view complete albums?  Most photographers are great at taking pictures, but sometimes when it comes to putting together an album, they can fall short.  By viewing complete albums, you’ll be able to see the cover and paper materials they use, and the quality and craftsmanship of the design.  Some larger studios have their own album designers and some outsource, but either way, at the end of the day the album is going to be what you have to remember your wedding.


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