Cheers to 2014: Our NYE Resolutions

We’re sharing our top 10 New Year’s Eve resolutions from around Rent the Runway HQ!

1. Reach out to 52 people (ideally one a week) to thank them and let them know how they’ve positively changed my life.
2. Sleep more. Every few months I make a commitment to this and feel so much better – but it only lasts a week! My goal is to permanently change my bedtime in 2014.
3. Juicing! I resolve to drink fresh (made at home) juice four times a week.
4. Be more decisive – Don’t sweat the small stuff!
5. Send one (handwritten) piece of snail-mail a month
6. Say “yes” more! Be more spontaneous & try new things.
7. Be more crafty – Whether it’s cruising Pinterest to find DIY projects to transform my apartment, or creating fun and interesting art projects to give as gifts – I’m going to unleash my inner craft genius in 2014!
8. Take more risks! What’s the worst that can happen?
9. Buy the Sunday paper – You know the one, made of paper.
10. Text less, talk more.