Cheree Berry: Getting the Most From Your Stationery

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At Cheree Berry, we want to make sure that you have the best stationery suite for your wedding needs. Here are our tips for getting the most out of your wedding


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Send your stationer inspiration. As your wedding stationer, our job is to create a stationery suite for you that feels cohesive with your wedding day style. Don’t be shy in sending us inspiration! Photos of your dress, linens, florals, color scheme, and venue are always welcome and helpful during the design process.


Choose one stationer to handle all of your paper needs. With so many wedding stationers and online stationery websites out there, it can be tempting to want to bounce around between vendors for your wedding stationery. Choosing one stationer to take care of all your stationery needs will allow them to get to know your likes and dislikes throughout the design process. This will avoid your stationery having split personalities! Your set will look more cohesive if one company is designing all of the pieces throughout the planning process. Also, if you choose one stationer for all of your paper needs, do not be shy about asking for a quantity discount. We know how tough it can be to stick to a budget!


Keep your wording traditional. You can certainly have fun with the design of the invitation, but a good place to stick to tradition is in the wording. It will make your parents happy, won’t confuse your guests, and really who doesn’t love a little Emily Post sometimes? That being said, getting creative or smart with the copy specifically on the reply card is a great way to personalize your set. Bahamas wedding? How about saying “Yes, island bound!” or “Shipwrecked, can’t make it.” Your guests will love the fun copy when they are filling out the reply card.


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Hand cancel your invitations. You have just spent a lot of money on your gorgeous wedding invitations so why let the post office run them through a machine? If your post office offers hand canceling, this is a great way to ensure your invites will travel gently through the mail. Hand canceling is when the post office stamps a seal over the postage as opposed to running the envelope through a machine. If you can convince your local post office to do this for you (candy usually works!), we highly recommend it.



Use an inner envelope. Many people think the practice of using inner envelopes with wedding invitations is outdated. However, the inner envelope is not a place to skimp for a couple of reasons. First, the inner envelope adds protection in the mail. After the amount of time (and money!) you spent on wedding invitations, you want to be sure they will still look beautiful by the time they reach your guests’ mailboxes. Second, the inner envelope lets you show off that fun envelope liner you picked out because remember, the inner envelope does not get sealed. Finally, the inner envelope is helpful to delineate if you are inviting someone with a guest or inviting children to the wedding. If you like the idea of an inner envelope but are not thrilled with the idea of formal calligraphy on it, try printing a fun phrase or graphic on the front instead.


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Order thank you notes with your invitations. By the time you order your invitations, the gifts are probably already piling up. And the pile is only going to get higher! Ordering your thank you notes at the same time as your invitations is a great idea because usually there is a cost savings involved. The inks are already mixed and often, printers can print both the invitations and thank you notes together. Most stationers will offer a discount if you print these simultaneously so be sure to ask!


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