5 Things To Keep In Your Clutch


Between cocktail and office parties, family get-togethers and, of course, New Year’s Eve, we’ll be swapping our favorite overstuffed hobos for pint-sized clutches. Your hair is done, your dress is perfect, and you’ve got on your highest heels…but before you rush out the door, here are five essentials you’d be remiss to leave home without:


1. Flats - While your favorite sky-high heels may add that perfect pinch of holiday bling, they can leave you with nothing but blisters at the end of a dance-filled night.  These Yosi Samra ballet flats fold up to fit perfectly into your clutch, and will preserve your feet for the next holiday fête.


2. Bobby Pins - If your hair starts looking crazier than the party, keep some cute hair accessories (like these Juliet & Company bedazzled bobby pins) on hand. They’ll not only help you keep your ‘do in check, but they’ll add some extra sparkle to any New Year’s Eve ensemble.


3. Blotting Papers - These compact sheets do wonders for oily skin — and with all the holiday photos being posted on Facebook, why not come prepared? With one quick dab, these Oil Blotting Papers remove unwanted surface oil without ruining your makeup!


4. Lipstick - Don’t get caught under the mistletoe without the perfect pout! Lancôme’s feather-light lipstick in vibrant hues are a great accessory for the holiday season and last up to six hours — but be sure to keep a tube handy just in case you need a touch-up before that midnight kiss.


5. Fashion Tape - Nothing’s more embarrassing than a wardrobe malfunction,  and Hollywood’s Double Sided Fashion Tape is your insurance against nip-slips, fallen hems, and gaping necklines alike. These clear strips are a must-have this holiday season, and a much more fashionable fix than safety pins.