Dress Diaries: Mazel Tov!

This Dress Diary was brought to Rent the Runway by Allie Gradinger


Milly Doll Lace Dress Rent the Runway Dress Diaries

As an intern at RTR, I see every aspect of Rent the Runway. From the witty banter that flies across the office, sneak peaks at what the buyers are thinking for next season, to Jenn and Jenny’s inspirational speeches. The all-encompassing experience has also given me the privilege of spending countless hours admiring the fabulous frocks in the upstairs warehouse all under careful watch of the fabulous operations team.


When I received the news I would have to pack my bags and attend my cousin David’s Bar Mitzvah in Jackson, Mississippi I knew exactly what I was going to wear. Forget my spring wish list- I had my eye on some RTR frocks!


For Friday night Shabbat, I wore the Milly Doll Lace Dress and paired it with ballet flats. This dress was the perfect length and segued from temple to dinner party seamlessly.


Tibi High Tea Dress Rent the Runway Dress Diaries


The Bar Mitzvah ceremony took place on Saturday morning, where I sported the Tibi High Tea Dress and black pumps. The dress was comfortable and easy to move around in, which is essential for this specific religious service as the congregation is frequently asked to rise and be seated.  With the luncheon following, I again was able to transition from morning to afternoon without a hitch.


Halston Heritage Be Mine Dress Rent the Runway Dress Diaries



Saturday Night was the big reception, where my cousin David was able to celebrate the completion of his Bar Mitzvah with 250 of his closest friends and relatives. Knowing full well I would be rocking out to oldies on the dance floor with my aunts (Electric Slide anyone?), joining in on the Hora (an Israeli circle dance), and experiencing southern cuisine (they really do fry everything!), I knew the only dress that would be able to keep up with me would be the Halston Be Mine Mini Dress paired with nude heels. The color is fun, the fit was great, and the tiered ruffles had me swishing across the dance floor.




Rent the Runway was the perfect go-to for my jam-packed weekend. For the first time I was simultaneously able to dress appropriately and fashionably to these types of events- a concept I thought was unachievable. My first trip to the South was unforgettable and just when I thought RTR couldn’t be any greater I was reminded on my flight home not once but twice (thanks to Glamour and Teen Vogue) just how special this company is! Mazel Tov!