Dress Diaries: Wed in RTR

Brought to Rent the Runway by Jada Belton


Temperley London Romantic Rose Grecian Gown Rent the Runway

What girl doesn’t dream about how she’ll look on her wedding day?  At some time or another we’ve all envisioned that moment where we’ll walk down the aisle, all eyes on us. After financial difficulties led me to cancel and reschedule my wedding more than once, I began to believe that maybe it was never going to happen for me. Enter Rent the Runway and their team of fairy godmothers.


My fiancé and I finally decided on a this-is-it, once and for all, wedding date of February 12th, 2011, to take place at his parents’ home. One problem: That was two weeks away! WHAT WOULD I WEAR? I immediately called the RTR styling team and told them of my woes. Justine answered and quickly put me at ease. I could not get over how sweet and genuine she was, like I just happened to have a best friend who was a stylist, helping me choose my dress.


Together we combed through the site, narrowing down exactly what color (Pink!) and style (slightly edgy, but still girly) I was looking for, until we settled on the Temperley London Romantic Rose Grecian Gown. I had scoped this dress before and dismissed it as being too plain and not sexy enough. Boy was I wrong! When the dress arrived 2 days before my wedding, I cried tears of joy. Thanks to Justine and RTR, I had my wedding dress!


Temperley London Romantic Rose Grecian Goddess Dress Rent the Runway


The day of my wedding, my bridesmaids gasped when I showed them the dress, my father cried, and my husband said I took his breath away. Me? I felt, exactly, like a princess.


Thank you Rent the Runway for making the fairytale come true.