Easy Pack Dresses for Thanksgiving

No one likes a wrinkled dress and who has the time to look at fabric content for suitcase ready fashion? We’ve done the work for you and have compiled a list of the easiest to pack dresses for your Thanksgiving travels. Remember, you can also have your dress sent to your travel destination so you won’t run into any  luggage limit issues at the airport (read: pack as many shoes as you want)! Here's the rundown:


Wool and Stretch Knit

Fold a light wool fabric for a day or two and you won’t see a wrinkle, and with the lines on the bottom of the Helmut Lang Geo Print Dress, you can fool anyone.  As for a stretch knit, the Camila and Marc Ruched and Famous Dress is ruched so it can hide any creases.  Added plus- it’s a small dress, so just fold it in half and go!


Helmut Lang Geo Lace Dress   Helmut Lang Geo Lace Dress


Tweed and Matte Jersey

Tweed is a great fabric for packing since it’s the least likely to wrinkle. We love the Lela Rose Galaxy Tweed Dress because of the added shine and festive print. Matte jersey might get a crease or two during travel, but since the fabric is light, just hang up the Escada Foxy Kimono Dress in the bathroom while you shower and the steam will take the wrinkles out no problem.


Lela Rose Galaxy Tweed Dress    Lela Rose Galaxy Tweed Dress