Editor’s Letter: Belated Kick Off to 2011

There is something in the water. I’m not typically one to believe in New Years marking new phases but 2011 thus far has been nothing short of a dream. It started off with a fantastic (and much needed) vacation to Aspen with a special someone. Lesson learned that I should leave the office more frequently because I came back to find the team feeling and acting like a genuine family.


It’s funny – when you’ve been pushing and pushing at anything (in this case, building a business) for so long, and then you just let go a bit and look around and see that you have 44 other teammates pushing alongside you, building something out of nothing- it’s quite a feeling. So in addition to working with the most talented, fun people on earth (team karaoke night and Vijay’s rendition of Hollaback girl is a testament to this), the world has seemed to wake up to Rent the Runway. With this in mind, I couldn’t resist sharing some of my favorite highlights of 2011 so far – and since we’ve been sending many a “What are Jenn and Jenny wearing this month” e-mail, below are a few photos so you can see us put those emails in action too.


1. Jenny and I were shot, styled and gussied up for Rent the Runway stories in Teen Vogue and Glamour magazines. Logistically, a magazine photoshoot entails teams of hair and makeup, stylists, photographers, photo assistants, stylist assistants and more running around. Realistically, it entails a team of magicians who are able to take two over-tired, over-partied ladies (in this case, me and Jenny) and transform us into more glamourous versions of ourselves. I have never felt more like a princess but let me tell you, being a model is hard work! Every 3rd shot, Jenny and I would have to shake it out so that we could keep up the smiling!


Jenn and Jenny Rent the Runway Teen Vogue Shoot  Jenn and jenny Teen Vogue Rent the Runway


2. Mayor Bloomberg honored Rent the Runway in his “State of the City” address as one of the companies pushing innovation in NYC. To be honored by a personal hero who was speaking on behalf of my home and my favorite city in the world was an extremely humbling, emotional moment. Bloomberg also knew more about our business than I would have thought – details such as us sending the dress in two sizes! An official offer to Mayor Bloomberg to be our new head of Sales is imminent.


Major Bloomberg Rent the Runway Jenn and Jenny


3. More than just a little bit of PR:) Between Access Hollywood, the Wall Street Journal (twice!), the New Yorker and more, I feel like we should be throwing a parade for AJ, our director of PR.


4. We won the Fashion Group International’s Rising Stars in retail award. Again, amazing. Not necessarily due to the award (though that was great!) but as a testament to where we’ve come in just 14 months. Going from launching a new customer behavior like renting dresses to having 120 of the top designers in the world as partners has been surreal.


5. Oh yes, and meeting Rachel Zoe. She is the most glamorous pregger in the world. Get psyched for her collection – it is ah-mazing!


Stay tuned for more to come!