Fashion Files: Internship Tips

With Memorial Day approaching, summer is just around the corner and we all know what that means – lots and lots of interns. For those of you enjoying your college years and excited about finally getting that perfect fashion internship, we asked our fashion team to for some advice to help you make the most of your summer. Here’s some of our insider tips on how to impress at your internship.

Internship Tips Rent the Runwau Fashion Files

1. Be early and be eager

We hate to say it, but face time is important as an intern. If you show up late and head out at the 5pm whistle, we’re probably going to assume your work ethic is a little lacking. Instead, impress us with an early arrival and a cheerful expression – even if we do ask you to go on a coffee run. If you’re asked to stay late, it means we need your help – so you’re probably doing a good job!

2. Go Get Em

No one wants an intern who just sits around and asks for something to do. Even if your boss is too busy to tell you what to do, start shadowing and helping out. Everyone needs a little organization – why not offer to help file business cards or put those loose folders into order? See if someone else in the organization needs help if your boss is busy – the more people you can impress, the better.

3. Learning Is Fun

Ask questions, be interested, and give your opinion when appropriate. Most important, listen. If we’re showing you how we do something, it’s not because we like the sound of our own voice, but because we’d like you to do it that way too. If you can pick up on those hints and keep a smile on your face, you’re hired!