Finding the Right Baker for Your Wedding Cake

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Ruth Drennan Cakes Wedding Rent the Runway


When it comes to getting married there are so many details to take care of and unless you come from a household that entertains frequently (I certainly didn’t!), you have no idea where to go for all the things for your big day… especially the cake! Everyone knows you need one of those, but where should you start your search?


1. Friends and Family – This should be the first place you go to try and find your cake baker (or ANY vendor for that matter!). Your married friends can tell you about their own experience with their baker and can help direct you towards the right people to connect with as well as those to avoid! Listen to your friends. They won’t steer you wrong!


2. Magazines – The top bakers often have their creations featured in the pages of national and local bridal magazines. Take a look inside the pages and save pictures of all the cakes you like. Contact information is often given with the picture credit, so visit the sites of anyone whose work strikes your fancy. Just remember, featured bakers are justifiably more expensive than people who haven’t had the same exposure, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will make a better cake.  If you MUST have the exact cake you saw in Brides, get it from the person who created it. Most bakers don’t want to be copycats, because they don’t want their designs stolen by others either!


Ruth Drennan Cakes Wedding Rent the RunwayRuth Drennan Cakes Weddings Rent the Runway


3. Go Online – Most of you will probably be checking out bakers online while you’re supposed to be working. A good place to start is a wedding portal like This site is free to users and lists a lot of local vendors for everything you might need for your wedding. They might not list everyone though, so you’ll want to explore other options as well. 


4. Go Local – Who says you need to go to a fancy cake designer like me? If the baker on the corner makes the best cookies and cupcakes ever, see if they make wedding cakes too. The price is going to be a lot easier on the wallet, you know that you already like the stuff they make and you can feel good knowing you are helping to support a small business in your own community.


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